You can count on us.

The University Computing Centre (Universitätsrechenzentrum, URZ) is the central IT service provider for Heidelberg University. Our clients are students, researchers and University employees: We offer them a wide range of IT services and provide support and advice for using these services.

About us

The University Computing Centre defines itself primarily as a customer-oriented IT service provider. It is divided into several service areas that serve all essential IT needs for studying, teaching, research and administration.

Research and Teaching

As a scientific computing centre, the URZ continuously explores and develops new technologies and services for research and teaching. This innovation work mainly takes place in projects, which are often carried out in cooperation with other sites and research partners.

Jobs and Training

The University Computer Centre offers a wide range of positions for professionals working in science-related IT. It is also one of three training centers for IT apprentices at Heidelberg University in the fields of system integration and application development.