ServiceLAN and Wi-Fi for conferences

Provision of LAN and Wi-Fi access for events at the University

The URZ can provide Wi-Fi and LAN-based internet access for conferences at Heidelberg University. At most event locations, the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure is sufficient to reach all conference participants. In certain cases, however, additional, temporary Wi-Fi hotspots can be installed. Your conference participants (unless they already have access to eduroam) will also need conference accounts to login to the LAN or Wi-Fi networks. These accounts need to be requested separately.


Target group

  • University employees (as event organizers)
  • IT representatives (responsible for the organizing institution or institute)


  • Flexible LAN and Wi-Fi access for your event at the University
  • On-demand extension of the LAN/Wi-Fi infrastructure at the event location

Access and requirements

1. Confirm whether the participants already have internet access.

To learn more about how to request accounts for your conference participants, please see our information on conference accounts. Please note: If many of your conference participants are members of research or higher education organizations, chances are that they already have access to eduroam. In this case, you may not need many, if any, custom conference accounts.

For guests, smaller meetings or conferences, or if you need an account straight away, a local IT representative can also create project accounts.

2. Request conference accounts for all participants who cannot use eduroam.

The Computing Centre can provide special conference accounts for conference participants as long as the organizing institution makes their request in a timely manner. These accounts allow the user to use the Wi-Fi network (SSID) "UNI-WEBACCESS", which is accessible via all permanently installed Wi-Fi hotspots on campus. Conference participants can also log in to computers in certain PC Pools with these conference accounts. To clarify whether the Wi-Fi reception in the event rooms is sufficient, it is recommended to contact the person responsible for the room or the IT service as needed.

3. No LAN ports? WiFi connection too weak? Contact us!

Should the existing internet access options be insufficient or the Wi-Fi connection in the event rooms be too weak, we will be happy to support you with a temporary expansion of the LAN/Wi-Fi infrastructure at your event location, provided that the space available allows for it.

Please make sure to get in touch with us at least three weeks prior to your event. The request form for LAN and Wi-Fi support can be sent in by email to the IT Service. Please include the following details:

  • Your institute
  • Your IT representative
  • Event name and date
  • Event location (building)
  • Number of expected participants

Our network experts will try to process short-term requests, but we cannot guarantee that they will be fulfilled. Please remember to request conference accounts for your participants at the same time as your request for technical expansion (see step 2).

Technical information

Wired access with a speed of up to 1 GB/s can be offered in entrance areas or mobile conference offices. The conference office can also be connected to the network of a specific institute. With long fiber optic cables (300m and 200m), more remote areas can be connected to the network as well. The cables are both crush-resistant and water-resistant.