ServiceWi-Fi via UNI-WEBACCESS

Wi-Fi for conference participants and guests without eduroam access

The Wi-Fi network UNI-WEBACCESS offers quick internet access for conference participants and guests of the University who don't have access to the eduroam network. When possible, we recommend using this unencrypted network in combination with a VPN connection, such as one offered by your house institution.

For members and associates of the University that have a Uni ID or project number and for guests whose home institution is part of eduroam, we recommend using the eduroam network.

Target Group

  • External members (whose home institution is not part of eduroam)


External members

  • Quick access to the internet when visiting Heidelberg University with no additional configuration required

Access and Requirements

Connect to the public network UNI-WEBACCESS through the Wi-Fi settings of your operating system. After successfully connecting, open your browser, which should then automatically direct you to a captive portal. Enter your access information (Uni ID, project number or conference account) to access the internet.

Captive portal not showing up? Try to launch the website neverssl.com. Modern browsers are often configured to access web pages through an https connection by default, but the captive portal requires an http connection. In many cases, manually launching this website ensures that you are successfully redirected to the captive portal.

If you are experiencing problems with the portal or the network, please contact the IT Service.