ServiceS/MIME for email communications

Certificates for secure and encrypted communication by email

As an employee of the university, you can obtain S/MIME certificates from the Computing Centre. These certificates provide comprehensive security for your email communications.

S/MIME is a global standard for signing and encrypting emails. This ensures that your communication partner can clearly recognize that an incoming message actually originates from you. It can also be used to encrypt and decrypt emails to protect their content from unauthorized access. The certificates can be consigned by default in many email clients (such as Outlook), making their use easy and convenient.

The certificates are provided by our partners, and the URZ serves as the local contact and registration point during the certificate issue process.

Target group

  • University employees


University employees

  • Giving your emails a signature to increase their trustworthiness
  • Encrypting and decrypting emails to protect their content
  • A further security feature to recognize legitimate mails and thereby more clearly identify risks such as phishing mails as being fake

Access and requirements

Employees can easily obtain an S/MIME certificate for email correspondence by applying for it via the university's CertMine portal. In the course of the application process, you will need to verify your identity with the Computing Centre using a valid identification document. How the application works and how you set up and use the certificate in your email client is described in the linked how-to.