ServiceS/MIME for email communications

Certificates for secure and encrypted communication by email

Employees of the University can obtain S/MIME certificates from the Computing Centre. These certificates provide comprehensive security for your email communications. An S/MIME certificate ensures that your emails have a unique signature, so that the recipient can clearly identify that the incoming message is in fact from you. In addition, an S/MIME certificate can be used to encrypt and decrypt emails so that their content is protected from unauthorized access. The certificates can be consigned by default in many email clients (such as Outlook), making their use relatively easy and convenient.

The certificates are provided by DFN-Verein, and the URZ serves as the local contact and registration point for the certificate issue process.

Target group

  • University employees


University employees

  • Giving your emails a signature to increase their trustworthiness
  • Encrypting and decrypting emails to protect their content

Access and requirements

For employees to obtain an S/MIME certificate for email communication, you must apply for one from the DFN and have your identity confirmed by the Computing Centre. How to do this as well as how to set up and use the certificate in your email client is described in the linked how-to.