How-toImport der S/MIME-Import an S/MIME Certificate in Apple MailZertifikate in Apple Mail

This how-to explains how employees of the university can use an S/MIME certificate to sign or encrypt emails in Apple Mail.

Creating the certificate

When requesting your S/MIME certificate, you must check the box "Zertifikats-Datei zur Nutzung in Apple Macs" (Certificate file for use on Apple Mac) before the download.

Screenshot der S/MIME Beantragung

Should you encounter problems while following these instructions, please download your certificate file again, making sure this box has been checked. To do this, click on the link in the email “CertMine > Ihr Zertifikat steht zum Download bereit” (CertMine > Your certificate is ready for download).

Import certificate

Open the downloaded certificate with a double click in the Finder. In the window that opens, enter the password you specified when requesting the certificate. The certificate has now been installed and will be listed in your keychain under the keychain "login".

Sign emails

When composing a new email, select the email address for which the certificate was installed in the sender field. Two icons (a lock and a check mark) appear at the end of the subject line, which can be used to control whether this email will be encrypted or signed.

S/MIME Icons MacOS