How-toImport an S/MIME Certificate in Evolution

This how-to explains how employees of the university can use an S/MIME certificate to sign or encrypt emails in Evolution.

Import certificate

Open Evolution. Click on Certificates in the settings (Edit -> Settings).

Click "Import" on the right. This will open a new dialog window in which you can select the previously downloaded certificate. In the window that opens, enter the password you specified when requesting the certificate.

Screenshot der Evolution Software

After importing the certificate, click on "Mail Accounts" in the settings and select the email account for which you have obtained a certificate. Then click "Edit" on the right.

Screenshot der Evolution Software

In the window that opens, select "Security".

In the "Secure MIME (S/MIME)" section, you can now link the previously imported certificate to the selected email account as the signature and encryption certificate. You can also activate the option to have all outgoing messages signed.

Screenshot der Evolution Software