Email and GroupwareFile transfer

File transfer via the internet as an alternative to email attachments

Why should you avoid sending files as email attachments?

  • Depending on the recipient's email provider, there may be a limit on the size of attachments which could prevent the delivery of emails that exceed this limit.
  • Anti-virus software or spam filters may block certain file types, which can also prevent the delivery of an email.
  • Sending attachments on a large number of recipients, for example via mailing lists, leads to an unnecessary increase in required memory space.

Target group

  • University employees
  • Students

Alternatives to sending file attachments


With heiBOX, the sender can upload a file to the heiBOX server. The recipient will receive and email with a link, with which the file can be downloaded.


With GigaMove , a service run by RWTH Aachen and accessible to Heidelberg University staff with their Uni ID, the sender can upload the file they want to transfer to the GigaMove server. The recipient will receive a link to download the file. After seven days, the file will be automatically deleted from the GigaMoveserver.


With SharePoint, a file for university staff members can be uploaded to the SharePoint server. The recipient will receive an email with a link to the file and can directly access it on the server. SharePoint also offers diverse possibilities for collaboration in working groups such as simultaneous editing of Office documents.