Sync-and-share service for collaboration, hosted in heiCLOUD 

Locally hosted by the URZ in heiCLOUD, heiBOX is a cost-free and secure sync-and-share service for collaboration within the University and with external cooperation partners. Core functions include storage, synchronization, sharing, publication and joint editing of files.  heiBOX is based on the software Seafile.

Text files, PDF files and Office files in unencrypted libraries can be searched using a full-text search function integrated into the web interface. You can jointly edit Office files with multiple people via integration with Office Online. Files and folders can be marked with tags and comments to provide additional information. By using simple documents created in Markdown, you can create private wikis as well as public wikis that are available worldwide.

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An overview of all functions:

Storing & synchronizing

  • Via Seafile client (Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android)
  • Via web browser
  • Via WebDAV
  • Via upload links
  • File history (undo changes) & Trash (restore)
  • Tags and comments

Sharing & publishing:

  • Access for internal & external users and groups
  • Fine-grained access control of libraries, subfolders and files
  • Creation of download links (with the option to set a password and/or time limit))
  • File updates are instantly available (in contrast to email attachments, for example)
  • Automatic notification of changes via email for registered users
  • Private and public wikis with integrated full-text search capabilities

Internal & external cooperation:

  • Joint, simultaneous editing of Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Independent management of guest accounts for external users (employees, researchers & teaching staff)
  • Upload and download links accessible worldwide (with the option to set a password and/or time limit)

Data protection & security:

  • All servers locally operated and based on the URZ's own service heiCLOUD
  • All components available through multiple redundancies
  • Encryption of any data transmission
  • Option to encrypt entire libraries
  • Automatic virus scanning when uploading via upload links

Target group

heiBOX is a server for:

  • Students
  • University employees
  • Researchers
  • Doctoral candidates
  • External users (via a guest account)


heiBOX can be used for exchanging and synchronizing files on PCs and mobile devices and has similar functionalities to commercial cloud storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive). The heiBOX sync-and-share service is secure, can be used cost-free and is locally hosted in heiCLOUD.

  • Data protection and security, etc. with end-to-end encryption
  • Avoid data loss due to hardware problems
  • Share & publish files for internal and external users and groups
  • Collaboratively edit Office documents on the heiBOX web interface
  • Sharing authorizations can be customized as needed (e.g. full access, administrator rights for libraries; limited rights to download, edit online; read only).


  • 10 GB free storage space for students
  • Sharing and collaborative editing in working groups, seminars etc.
  • Sharing files and folders with other users. As instructors also have access to heiBOX, files can be shared with them as well.

University employees

  • 30 GB free storage space for employees and doctoral candidates.
  • Editing academic papers on various devices
  • Data exchange and collaboration with internal and external cooperations and projects
  • Possible expansion of storage space, if needed (for a fee)

Access and requirements

Access to heiBOX with a Uni ID occurs by authentication via Shibboleth. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use heiBOX with a HEIDI identification or a project account. You can log in via the web interface https://heibox.uni-heidelberg.de. Registration is not necessary; the account is automatically created with your first login.

Technical information

heiBOX is based on the software Seafile.


All Heidelberg University employees, doctoral candidates and teaching staff receive 30 GB of storage space with their Uni ID for free. If necessary, the storage space can be expanded for a fee.

With the help of the heiBOX price calculator, which can be found on the web interface, employees can easily and flexibly calculate the costs of an expansion and prepare email templates for the appropriate expansion request. The maximum allocation for a heiBOX account is 5 TB. Students do not have the possibility to expand their 10 GB of free storage space at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The link on the right will take you to the heiBOX FAQs.