A web-based collaboration platform for internal cooperation

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful collaboration platform that can simplify, standardize and accelerate cooperation for many areas of work. The URZ offers SharePoint as an "on-premises solution", i.e. all data stay on the servers operated by the URZ.

SharePoint offers the following functions and more:

  • Creation of SharePoint pages with the help of predefined building blocks
  • Virtual rooms for teams and projects
  • Document management
  • Collaborative editing of documents online and offline
  • Workflows
  • Independent rights management
  • Blogs
  • Discussion forums
  • Task management

Target group

  • University employees



  • Central data storage for work groups: simplification of collaboration through applications like a calendar, task management, blogs, wikis, etc.
  • On SharePoint pages, files are accessible via a permanent URL, can easily be uploaded/downloaded and can be quickly found due to comprehensive search functions.
  • Work collaboratively on documents: Shared documents, e.g. scientific papers, proposals and tables, can be edited online simultaneously by multiple users.
  • Virtual team work rooms and single point of informationnt of Information: In addition to document storage, SharePoint sites also facilitate active communication, e.g. via discussion forums or news feeds.
  • Tools for the digital work space: Simple management of appointments, contacts, forms and lists even on mobile devices.

Access and requirements

Organizational Requirements

Due to the terms of the licensing agreement, SharePoint is only available for institutions at Heidelberg University. this means that it is unfortunately not available for the University Hospital.

To use SharePoint, the institution must first apply for a SharePoint "site collection". This is usually done by your institution's IT representatives.

The URZ generally establishes site collections for institutes, administrative institutions, or larger research associations (e.g., CRCs, clusters). Within this site collection, the individual institutions can independently create sub-sites for individual chairs, research projects, working groups or departments.

Please contact your IT representative to find out if SharePoint is already being used at your institution. If not, the IT representative can submit a request using the linked form. Maintenance of the sites is the responsibility of their registered owner(s).

If your institution already uses SharePoint, your IT representative can grant you the appropriate permissions to use it.

Technical Requirements

SharePoint is available on virtually all devices. Using it simply requires an up-to-date web browser and a Uni ID or project number.
For an optimal simultaneous document editing experience, Microsoft recommends using the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome.

Technical Information

Additional Services

The URZ team is responsible for operating, maintaining and backing up the SharePoint environment and offers the following additional services:

  • Support
  • SharePoint design consulting
  • Train the Trainer courses


Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there limitations on file size and memory space?

SharePoint is no a storage location for large files or backups. Furthermore, it does offer a place for personal file storage. We recommend using the service heiBOX for this.

Maximum size of a SharePoint collection: 100GB

Maximum file size: 2GB

Is the data secure?
All data transmission is transport-encrypted. However, we recommend using the heiBOX service with password encryption for confidential and personal data. Alternatively, you can encrypt files and folders locally (e.g. with 7-Zip) and upload them to SharePoint. In this case, the password should be communicated separately and not stored together with the files.