ServiceGigaMove 2.0

Secure file transfer via link

GigaMove 2.0 is an application operated by RWTH Aachen and is a service for transferring large files and a helpful alternative to sending email attachments. This service can be used by Heidelberg University employees with their Uni ID.

Senders can upload files to the GigaMove server, and the recipient will receive an email with a link to download the file. The file will be automatically deleted from the GigaMove server after seven days. Due to data protection concerns, we would recommend against using comparable commercial services such as WeTransfer.


Target group

  • University employees


Everyday university life regularly requires the exchange of large data volumes. Whether you are handing in term/research papers or sharing important work materials, the size limit for email attachments is often quickly reached. Furthermore, anti-virus software or spam filters may block certain file types.

University employees

  • Quick and easy sharing of large files, such as video or audio files, with collages and non-university members
  • No further registration required
  • The files are automatically deleted after seven days.
  • No more problems with large email attachments
  • No unnecessary use of email server storage space
  • The download can be password-protected.

Access and requirements

Employees can use GigaMove 2.0, an application operated by  RWTH Aachen, with their Uni ID. A separate registration is not necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for this service can be found on the RWTH Aachen IT Service webpage.