LAN and Wi-Fi for conferences

The URZ can provide WiFi and LAN-based internet access for conferences at Heidelberg University.

At most event locations, the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure is sufficient to reach all conference participants. In certain cases, however, additional, temporary Wi-Fi hotspots can be installed. Wired access with a speed of up to 1 GB/s can be offered in lobbies or mobile conference offices. The conference office can also be connected to the network of a specific institute. With long optical fiber cables (300m and 200m), more remote areas can be connected to the network as well. The cables are crush-resistant and water-resistant. If you want to provide access to a public computer room for your conference participants, please ask the person responsible for your event location if any computer rooms exist and are available for use.

Your conference participants (unless they already have access to eduroam) will also need conference accounts to login to the LAN or Wi-Fi networks. These accounts need to be requested separately.




To learn more about how to request accounts for your conference participants, please see our information on conference accounts.

Please note: If many of your conference participants are members of research or higher education organisations, chances are that they already have access to eduroam. In this case, you may not need any or at least not that many custom conference accounts.

For guests, smaller meetings or conferences, or if you need an account straight away, a local IT representative can also create project accounts.

Requesting assistance for Wi-Fi or LAN

Please take into consideration that discussing a conference scenario, planning a setup and setting up the actual network equipment takes time and may entail several meetings and site visits. Make sure to get in touch with us at least three weeks prior to your event. We cannot guarantee that requests with less than these three weeks of preparation time can be fulfilled. Please make sure to send in individual requests for LAN and Wi-Fi support and conference accounts.

The request form for LAN and Wi-Fi support (not for accounts! To request accounts, please read: Conference accounts) can be sent in by mail. Click on the previous link and fill out the form in your email client. Simply add any other wishes or requests that you may have to this email.

If you are not an IT representative, please CC your IT representative on this email to make sure that he or she is informed and can sustain your request. Click here to search for the IT representative at your institution.

Please note that any technical equipment and special requirements need to be requested before the event. Technical changes require careful planning and time, and we may not be able to fulfill your request on short notice.

Using LAN protocols to connect devices

It is possible to connect any conference devices directly, using a standard LAN protocol (e.g., SMB/CIFS). This is also possible if one of the devices is logged into the Wi-Fi while another is using the conference LAN. We can help you configure your devices and make changes to the network accordingly. Please get in touch with us through the IT service to talk about a solution tailored to your needs.

Conferences at the Heidelberg University Hospital

The university's Wi-Fi network can also be reached at the Heidelberg University Hospital. Based on a cooperation between the URZ and the ZIM (Zentrum für Informations- und Medientechnik), the Wi-Fi "UNI-WEBACCESS" is available at the hospital and can be used with any Uni-ID or project account.

Please make sure to also inform the ZIM (Abt. Kommunikation) about conferences taking place at the hospital.

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