ServiceREDCap – Research Electronic Data Capture

Create and manage online surveys and databases

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a browser-based, metadata-driven electronic data capture (EDC) software for capturing clinical data in an electronic format with classic client-server architecture. It is widely used in the academic research community, especially in human clinical trials. REDCap is also suitable for creating and visualizing questionnaires.


  • Complex user rights management for student employees
  • Overview of participation across multiple questionnaires and longitudinal studies
  • Introductory material available online
  • Complex filter management and subgrouping
  • API connection, e.g. for automatic enrollment of test persons and regular export of research data
  • Documentation of changes made by student employees
  • Plugin interface: option to expand functionality with modules/plugins (self-made or external)
  • Option to run native clients on smartphones/tablets: Android and IOS

Target Group

  • Researchers


  • The service enables you to design clinical trials and survey study participants. 

Access and Requirements

Registering a new research project with REDCap requires that a member of the university with a valid Uni ID enter into an agreement with the URZ. For members of an existing research project, a Uni ID is not required, but you will need to register for the service via bwServices. 

Registering a new research project

To register a new research project, please contact the REDCap research support team via email at redcap-support@urz.uni-heidelberg.de.

Working on an existing REDCap project

  1. Users need to register for the "RED Cap" service on bwServices and agree to the terms of service. 
  2. Users will then need to set a service password on bwServices for the "REDCap" service. 
  3. Then users can log into REDCap by entering the following information: 
    • Username: hd_UNI-ID (or other appropriate entry for "localUid" on bwServices)
    • Password: enter the service password set in the previous step
  4. To receive access to a project, the person responsible for the project must add members to the corresponding project. For this, please contact the relevant project manager. 


Working on an existing REDCap project is free of charge. Costs will be incurred at the project level for the provision of the service and its maintenance.