SoftwarePDF-XChange Pro

Creating, editing and converting PDF files

The software package PDF-XChange Pro allows you to create, edit and convert PDF files. The package contains the following programs:

  • PDF-XChange Editor Plus
    Software for reading, commenting and comprehensive editing of PDFs, for creating PDF forms, for performing text recognition (OCR), and much more.
  • PDF-XChange Standard
    Virtual PDF printer for creating PDF from other software
  • PDF-Tools
    Tools for batch creation, manipulation and modification of PDF files

You can find detailed information about the software’s range of function on the developers’ website.

Target Group

  • University employees


University employees

  • Read, comment, edit and convert PDF files
  • Automatic text recognition (OCR) for scanned documents
  • Create PDFs via a virtual PDF printer
  • Batch assembly and modification of PDF files from various template formats (images, Word files, etc.)

Access and Requirements

License Terms

Heidelberg University has entered into a campus license for PDF-XChange Pro until the end of 2024. The following terms and conditions apply:

  • The software may be installed on computers owned or rented by the university. This includes, for example, work computers and PC Pool computers. However, computers at the medical faculties are excluded.
  • This software cannot be installed on private devices. (Exception: In the event of a lockdown, employees are allowed to install the software on non-university devices – but this only applies for the duration of the lockdown).
  • Licenses for use on private devices can be purchased at an 50% “Academic Discount”. To purchase a private discounted license, you need to fill out the “Discount Application” on the linked website and send it to the software manufacturer. Students prove their status with a certificate of enrollment. For employees, a link to a university website must be provided on which they are listed by name.


Please contact your IT representative prior to installation to obtain the required license key and, if necessary, further assistance with the installation.

For information on how to perform the installation, please refer to the linked instructions.