SoftwareMicrosoft Master Service Agreement for Universities

Microsoft products and services for students and employees

Heidelberg University is covered by the master service agreement for universities, which means that students and employees can use a wide range of Office products as well as apps and online services. To use it, you must first activate the Uni ID (one-time activation) using the linked Microsoft license portal. The following products are available:

For employees:

Microsoft license for the installation of, e.g., Office 2021 and Windows 11 Enterprise Upgrade 
The license for local installation of Microsoft Office 2016/2019/2021 includes:

  • Outlook, Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint 
  • Option to upgrade to the latest versions of the Windows Enterprise operating system.

For questions regarding installation, please contact your institution's IT representative. The software is activated on a KMS server at Heidelberg University, which can be accessed via the university network.

For employees and students:
Microsoft 365 apps and Microsoft 365 online services incl. Teams 

Microsoft 365 is a cloud service offered by Microsoft. Students and employees are able to activate the services included in the Microsoft 365 Education A3 license. Most apps and services can be easily accessed using any web browser, including,

  • Microsoft 365 apps: 
    • Contains Office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Publisher, which can be installed locally on Windows and MacOS computers
    • Microsoft 365 apps can be installed on up to five devices at a time including personal computers and mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, and can also be used offline. 
  • Microsoft 365 online services: 
    • Calendar and email services
    • Teams, a collaboration and meeting tool
    • Project and task organization such as Planner
    • Other services in the areas of analysis, security, automation, etc. are also included. A list of all included products can be found on the linked information page Microsoft 365 Education License.

The use of Microsoft 365 apps and online services is voluntary. Data, documents and files are transmitted to Microsoft servers outside Heidelberg University where they are stored. An account must be created to use these services. When an account is created, the personal data linked to the Uni ID (first name, last name, display name, hash value of the password, Uni ID and the associated email address) will be transmitted to Microsoft.
Compliance with the GDPR and the necessary legal regulations when using Microsoft 365 apps and Microsoft 365 online services is the responsibility of the user. The evaluation of the use of these products and services and the data, documents and files contained therein is also the responsibility of the person using them.

Target Group

  • Students
  • University employees


  • All students and employees with a Uni ID have access to a wide range of relevant office and collaboration services as well as other tools for studying, collaborating and working.
  • With Microsoft 365 apps and Microsoft 365 online services, you can store data in the "Microsoft Cloud" as well as share it and edit it simultaneously with other users. The Microsoft 365 apps are available for local installation on your personal computer or Mac.
  • Employees also have the choice of Office products for local installation and/or the use of Microsoft 365 apps and Microsoft 365 online services.

Access and Requirements

A Uni ID is required to use these services. You have the option of activating your Uni ID through the linked Microsoft license portal so that you can use the products and services in accordance with the Microsoft 365 Education A3 license. 
There you can log in with your Uni ID and the corresponding password and select the desired products in the online form on the following pages. If you belong to one of the authorized user groups, you will be automatically activated through the Microsoft portal and receive further information by email. Due to the licensing regulations, project numbers cannot be activated.

The right of use remains valid for as long as students and employees are enrolled or employed at Heidelberg University, but no longer than the expiry of the Microsoft master service agreement for universities (April 30, 2025).


  • For students, using Microsoft 365 during your studies is free of charge.
  • For employees, the cost of the license is paid by their institution independent of individual usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I upgrade my work-related Windows installation based on the master service agreement?
Yes, an upgrade is possible if a Windows basic license has been purchased for your computer.
Will my data be backed up regularly?
No, users are responsible for their data and backups themselves.
Can alumni also benefit from the products licensed under the master service agreement or obtain discounted Office licenses?
No, the use of products licensed via the university master service agreement only applies to persons with an existing employment or enrollment relationship.
Can employees and/or institutions obtain other Microsoft products such as Visio, Project or server products from the URZ?
Yes, it is possible to purchase additional Microsoft products through the URZ. The relevant information pages and request forms are currently under revision. For urgent cases, please contact