ServiceUni ID

Central user ID of the University for students, employees and other University members

The Uni ID grants you access to a wide range of (IT) services provided by the University as well as various state services. It is provided for work and study-related purposes.
With the Uni ID, students and employees also obtain a University email address. The Uni ID is printed on a student ID or Service Card, and it is a unique combination of letters and numbers. Its format always follows the scheme "ab123".

Target group

All members and associates of the University, as defined in LHG §9 (Landeshochschulgesetz, state laws regulating institutions of higher education), are entitled to receive a Uni ID. This includes:

  • Students
  • University employees
  • Staff, incl. civil servants
  • Academic employees
  • Professors
  • Doctoral candidates
  • Instructors
  • Academic assistants
  • Employee of the Medical Faculties of Heidelberg and Mannheim
  • Unpaid employees
  • Students of the Heidelberg University of Education (PH, Pädagogischen Hochschule)



  • Access to the University Library’s resources
  • Wi-Fi use on the entire campus (e.g. via eduroam)
  • Use of many services (incl. Moodle, LSF, heiBOX, email via SOGo, VPN)
  • Communication with other students without needing to provide a personal email address
  • Login to all PCs in your department, institution or in public PC pools
  • Login to Ricoh printers all over campus to scan, copy and print documents (in combination with the student ID)

Employees and university members

  • Use of Ricoh printers
  • Use of email programs
  • Wi-Fi use
  • Use of numerous services

Access and requirements

Within the University, every Uni ID is assigned to exactly one person and cannot be transferred to another person. It is retained when changing your status or type of affiliation with the University (such as when transitioning from study to employment at the University).
The Uni ID is valid for as long as your student or doctoral status or another contractual basis (such as an employment contract) with the University exists.

Automatic allocation of Uni IDs

As a rule, you do not have to apply specifically for the Uni ID or project number, rather it will be issued to you as soon as you are enrolled, have been accepted as a doctoral candidate or have begun an employment relationship at Heidelberg University:

  • Students receive their Uni-ID after enrolment in the student dossier in their heiCO profile. The document also contains a how-to guide about activating the Uni-ID.
  • Doctoral candidates receive their Uni ID with the confirmation of acceptance to their doctoral studies. Further information about doctoral studies and the acceptance process can be found on the Graduate Academy website.
  • Employees receive their Uni ID per in-house mail at their place of work after signing their contract.
  • Instructors receive their Uni ID automatically after they submit the "Antrag auf Erteilung von Lehraufträgen" (Teaching Assignment Request) with the relevant institution, and they have been entered into the personnel system. Further information can be found on the personnel page for  instructors (DE).


Before it can be used, your Uni ID must first be activated. For this, you will need an activation code. This will be given to you with your Uni-ID. To activate your Uni ID, use the linked form "Activate your Uni ID". By activating your Uni ID, you accept the user regulations of the services of the University Computing Centre.

Change your password

Heidelberg University users can change the password for their Uni ID and other valid user IDs of the University Computer Center on their own with the linked form. It is recommended to regularly change your password for security reasons.

Applying for a Uni ID

Assistants who are not enrolled, interns, emeriti, retired professors, private lecturers (aka postdocs) and non-associate professors do not receive their Uni ID automatically. They can request a Uni ID via the linked request form "Uni ID allocation".

For employees of the University Hospital:

Employees of the University Hospital who do not belong to the medical faculties do not receive a Uni ID. This also applies to employees at university institutes whose personnel are managed by one of the university hospitals.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I do if I forget my password or would like to change it?

If you have forgotten your password, please visit one of the URZ IT Service Points or contact the IT Service via video call (for more information, go to Support in the menu). Please make sure to have a current photo ID on hand for the video identification or bring it with you to the Service Point.

If you still know your password and would like to change it:

  • Use the form "Change your Uni ID password".
How many Uni IDs can be used per person?
  1. I am a student and also an employee, can I get a second Uni ID?
    - No, only one Uni ID is issued per person.
  2.  I have a second Uni ID, what do I do?
    - Please inform the IT Service of which ID you would like to keep. (Recommendation: the one that was issued first).
How do I use and change the email address connected to my Uni ID?

Using your email inbox:
As soon as you have activated your Uni ID, you can use your email inbox. You can use, for example, SOGo webmail or an email client of your choice (Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.). You can find more information about SOGo and how-tos for setting up an account with the most common email clients in our Service Catalogue.

Setting an email alias:

  1. Students:
    All [at]uni-heidelberg.de and [at]stud.uni-heidelberg.de email address aliases can be set with the help of the IT Service. These usually follow the pattern:
  2. Employees:
    You can set an email alias with your respective institute acronym with the help of your IT representative.
I have been a doctoral candidate for a while now, but I still haven't been given a Uni ID. How do I get a Uni ID?

Uni IDs for doctoral candidates have only been recently made available, and they are assigned when certain information has been entered into your online doctoral file in the heiDOCS portal. If you have already been registered as a doctoral student for a longer period of time, you may still have to complete a few steps in order to be assigned a Uni ID. Please check that one of the following requirements has been fulfilled:

  1. You have registered for the online doctoral file in the heiDOCS doctoral portal before starting your doctorate, or your data has been entered into heiDOCS by the dean's office or doctoral office responsible for you. If you are unsure about this, please inquire with the appropriate dean’s or doctoral office.
  2. You have been accepted as a doctoral candidate by a faculty of Heidelberg University, and this acceptance has been documented in heiDOCS by the dean's office or doctoral office of the faculty.
  3. You have had your identity confirmed at the dean's office, the doctoral office of the faculty or alternatively, at the Central Doctoral Office with an ID card or passport, and the identity check has been recorded in heiDOCS. Important: Identity confirmation at the Central Doctoral Office is only possible for existing doctoral candidates; new doctoral candidates should contact the relevant dean's office or doctoral office of their faculty.

If all these steps have been fulfilled and recorded in heiDOCS, the URZ systems will automatically assign a Uni ID to you and send it per post.
To fulfill these points, especially points 2 and 3, please contact the doctoral office or dean's office responsible for you. The identity check (point 3) can also be carried out by the Central Doctoral Office for existing doctoral candidates.

Please note: If you have already been assigned a Uni ID due to an existing employment relationship or through prior enrollment at the University, you will not be assigned another Uni ID when you are accepted as a doctoral candidate. Your already existing Uni ID will just be assigned the additional status of "doctoral candidate".

One (or more) services do not display my name as I would like it to be displayed, (academic degree present/absent, middle name is listed/not listed, etc.) - can I change this?

As part of your enrollment or when your employment contract is issued, the following master data, among other things, are recorded in a central database so that you can be clearly identified:

  • Aristocratic title
  • Given name(s)
  • Last name
  • Academic degree

The collected master data usually contains all your given names, as these are needed to identify you and are collected based on your official photo ID.

The above information from the master data is permanently linked to your Uni ID and is usually also displayed as your username (display name / "displayName") in the respective software, typically in the following form:

Aristocratic title last name, academic degree first name

The academic degree and the title of nobility can be hidden if desired. 
Please use the form linked on this page.

However, depending on the technical capabilities of their underlying software, some IT services may use rules that deviate from this and display only the first and last names, for example. Unfortunately, the Computing Centre can only exercise limited influence on how the data is displayed as this is often built into the programming of the software.

If you need to modify your name due to a change in status (e.g. marriage or obtaining an academic title), you can make a request through the source systems (Human Resources, Student Administration, Doctoral Office, etc.). In general, master data cannot be changed by the University Computing Centre.