InformationDeactivation of Your Uni ID

When will your Uni ID be deactivated?

Your Uni ID's period of validity is directly determined by your official legal status at the university (enrollment, employment contract, teaching assignment, doctorate, etc.). 
When your studies or employment at the university ends, your Uni-ID will also be deactivated and you will no longer be able to access the associated services and data.

If you receive a message that your Uni ID is about to expire, it is usually due to one of the following reasons: 

  • We do not have a current follow-up contract
  • We have a follow-up contract, but it does not immediately follow the previous contract

What do you need to do: Secure your data

Deactivation of your Uni ID takes place in several phases: 

 14 days before the formal end of your contact, you will receive an automated email informing you that your Uni ID will be deactivated. At this point, you should back up your data if you have not yet done so. Until your last formal day (end of employment contract, exmatriculation date, etc.) you can continue to have full access to all services with your Uni ID in line with your status at the university. 
Remember to back up your data and documents completely and in a timely manner, especially for services that can no longer be accessed in Phase 1. 
You will receive a reminder by email shortly before your formal departure date.

 If you have an out-of-office message or forwarding set up for your email account, this will be retained until the end of Phase 2. Please be advised that according to the university's terms of service for emails, all employees of the university are only permitted to automatically forward work emails from their university email account to another email account within the university. 

Phase 1 - Restricted access to services

For up to 49 days (seven weeks) after your formal departure date: During this period, you will have access to the following services:

  • Email
  • Wi-Fi (eduroam)
  • VPN Virtual Private Network
  • Moodle

In standard cases, all other services will no longer be available with the start of this phase. In this period, you will still have the option of backing up your data and documents from the services listed above (Moodle, email).

Phase 2 - Access to all services will be deactivated

Starts from the 50th day after departure date: Access to all services will be deactivated. Access to your stored data and documents will be possible (only) if another valid legal relationship is established.

Phase 3 - Deletion of your data

Starts from January of the calendar year following the start of Phase 2: Until then, your data will be stored securely on the Computing Centre's servers, inaccessible to others. At the start of Phase 3, all your documents and emails will be deleted from the URZ servers. However, the email address(es) that were registered to your Uni ID will be reserved for another year so that they cannot be assigned to any other person for that time. 

Phase 4 - Retaining your Uni ID  

The assignment of your person to your Uni ID (as well as the associated primary email address uniid@uni-heidelberg.de) will be retained. If you enter into a new legal relationship with the university, your Uni ID will be reactivated.

Reactivation of Your Uni ID

If there is a new formal legal relationship (employment contract, enrollment, acceptance as doctoral candidate, etc.), your Uni ID will be reactivated or extended with the appropriate status. If the follow-up contract has been received in advance, your Uni ID can be reactivated up to 28 days before the start of the contract. The scope of use in this lead time corresponds to your scope of use in Phase 1.

If your Uni ID had already entered Phase 3, your Uni ID can only be reactivated using the activation code, as all data has been deleted, including your last password. To activate your Uni ID, please use the linked form "Activate your Uni ID".

If you can no longer find the activation code, it must be reissued. This process is currently in the implementation phase.

Service points for Uni IDs

Applications and decisions on hiring or continued employment are made by the respective institutes or deaneries, with the assistance of the Staff Council as appropriate for each personnel group.

Employees of external cooperating institutions can only receive a Uni ID if they work for the university, e.g., as lecturers or unpaid employees.

The master data is collected by the university administration in the departments responsible for the different group categories linked in the table:

Employees of the Medical Faculties of Heidelberg / Mannheim

The relevant personnel administrations of the clinics are required by law (UKG §9) to document the employees of the medical faculties (professors, TV-L employees, lecturers):

Employees of the University Hospitals who do not work at or for the Faculty of Medicine and therefore are not employed by the University do not receive a Uni ID.