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Microsoft platform for digital collaboration

Microsoft Teams is a user-friendly software for location-independent cooperation, such working from home. With Teams, it is possible to chat in virtual rooms, hold presentations, or use the audio/video functions in real time. Moderators with a Microsoft Teams account can also invite participants who do not have an account.

With Microsoft Teams, you can coordinate with chats, meetings, calls and teamwork all in one place even when you're on the go. Microsoft Teams also allows the creation and assigning of tasks, screen sharing and many other features that simplify collaborative work.

Target group

Microsoft Teams is a service for Heidelberg University employees.

  • University employees


A central place for teamwork

  • Simply invite other people to collaborate via email or Teams account
  • Chat, meetings, calls and teamwork all in one place
  • Start a video conference with just one click in the group chat

Chat on the go

  • Direct messaging or group chats
  • GIFs, stickers and emojis

Work seamlessly as a Team

  • Teams enables viewing, sharing and editing of files from Word, PowerPoint and Excel in real time
  • A high degree of flexibility, anytime and anywhere 

Employees benefit from other useful features, such as:

  • Simple login via Uni-ID (Login: uniid[at]uni-heidelberg.de)
  • Access via browser or with software for all common operating system: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS
  • Availability status – let your Team know if you are currently available
  • Engagement with external participants and guests
  • Screen sharing
  • Whiteboards
  • Video system connection, e.g. Surface Hub


Access and requirements

To use Teams, your Uni ID must be activated. Please use the linked web form, which will automatically activate your account so long as you belong to one of the authorized user groups.

You can log in with your Uni ID. The format uniid[at]uni-heidelberg.de is a technically required alternative login name. The login itself takes place through our authentication servers.

Technical information

Microsoft Teams combines many services from Microsoft 365 onto a single platform and is also directly dependent on them. That is why we have a Microsoft 365 instance in the background for the entire University. However, at the moment we only offer Teams as a fully supported service. Due to this integration, we also support the services Planner, Forms, Stream, To Do and Whiteboard to the best of our abilities.

Please do not use Outlook in Microsoft 365. This email service is not set up and is not supported by us. Instead, continue to use our local email services. In the future, our local Exchange server will be integrated with Microsoft Teams so that part of the data will be stored locally.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a mobile app for Microsoft Teams?
Yes, apps for Android and iOS are available in their respective app stores.
How do I log in?

You log in using your Uni ID. The technically required format is your alternative login name: uni-id[at]uni-heidelberg.de. This means that the login itself takes place via our authentication servers.

What is a Team?
You can imagine a Team as a virtual office, in which you gather your team to communicate and work together. Unlike an online meeting which is temporary and only available at a certain point in time, this virtual office remains available with all its contents even after you have “left the office".
How do I add members to a Team?
When the user is a member of Heidelberg University, they must first be authorized for via our registration form. Then, you can add them to the Team via the Options menu.
Search for the person's last name or Uni ID. After the user is first approved, it can take some time before they are easily found in the system. If this is case, you can try searching for the user with their last name and their first name.

Non-university users can be added as guests. It can take up to 24 hours before their access if fully functional.

How do I make the most of Teams?

Microsoft Teams is especially suited for:

  • Collaboration as a team
  • Staying in contact digitally via chat, audio, video
  • Virtual team meetings, break meetings
  • Online meetings
  • Planning and management of tasks
When should I use a Team vs a group chat?

In a Team you have advanced functions for managing your group of members:

  • Conversation chats (threads)
  • Communication channels with options for moderation
  • Authorization management
  • File management
  • Integration with apps such as OneNote and Whiteboard

A Team is best if you have a particular goal in mind as a group. This could include the goals of a department, a working group, or a project. Therefore, you should also use a Team if you are working on an issue together. A Team can also be used to distribute information, for example in an institute or a department.

A group chat, on the other hand, is more practical when organizing informal groups (e.g. when agreeing on break times or interactions outside of work) or when you want to bring a group together on short notice to vote or come to a decision on something.

Can I organize tasks in a Team?

Yes, you can organize tasks in a Team. This is made possible through integration with the service Microsoft Planner.In newly established Teams, you can add the tab Planner. In this menu, select the existing plan Tasks.

If the Tasks plan isn't displayed, apply for one for your Team with the URZ.

Can I zoom in on a screen presentation?

Yes, you can zoom in on presentations on both computers and smartphones.

On a computer, you can increase the size of the content via Ctrl and + or Ctrl and the mouse wheel. You can then move the content by clicking. You can decrease the size again via Ctrl and - or Ctrl and the mouse wheel.

Where is my data stored?
Microsoft Teams is a service of the Microsoft 365 Cloud in Germany. Data save in Teams is stored in Microsoft's certified computing centers in Germany.
How is Microsoft Teams connected to Office/Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Teams combines many services from Microsoft 365 (the new name for Office 365) in one platform and is thus directly dependent on it. This is why we have a Microsoft 365 instance in the background for the entire university. At the moment however, we only offer Teams as a fully supported service. Due to the integration, we also support the Planner, Forms, Stream, To Do and Whiteboard services.

Please do not use Outlook in Microsoft 365. This email service is not established and we do not support it. Instead, please continue using our local email services. In future, our local exchange server will be integrated into Microsoft Teams, so that part of the data is stored locally.