New campus license - content is currently undergoing revision

A new campus license agreement for Mathematica is in place. Therefore, the content on this website is currently undergoing revision and will be changed to reflect the new license terms as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

System for technical computing

Mathematica is an integrated system for developing, computing, simulating, analyzing and documenting technical problems in a unified, platform-independent work environment using the Wolfram Language. The software includes a multitude of mathematical functions for solving tasks in engineering, finance and insurance mathematics, mathematics, statistics, physics, “chemical computing” and all natural sciences.

Target group

  • Employees
  • Students

The current campus license agreement is valid for three years and will end on 31.10.2025.


According to the developer, Mathematica can be used for the following tasks, including:

  • mathematical computation
  • visualization
  • number theory
  • algebraic manipulation
  • data analysis
  • graphical calculation
  • image computation
  • and much more.

Access and requirements

The license agreement is valid for 3 years and ends on 31.10.2025.

Licenses for employees are made available through a license server. If you need this software or a home-use license, please contact your IT representative. Students in the Department of Physics and Astronomy can request a key via a web form. Please use your student email address for your Wolfram account.

The key is valid for one license year (from 01.11. to 31.10 of the following year). A new key needs to be requested every license year.

You can download the software from the following network drive (after login with a Uni ID, access from within the University network or via VPN connection):


It is also possible to obtain a Mathematica trial version directly from the manufacturer and unlock it with a key.

Technical information

Mathematica is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.