Create and automatically evaluate paper-based multiple choice exams

Evaexam software can be used to create and automatically evaluate multiple-choice exams. Exams can be created and edited via a web editor. It is possible to select single-choice, multiple-choice and open questions. Only the latter must be evaluated manually; the software does all the work for choice questions. According to the developer, evaexam meets all requirements for legally compliant paper exams in Germany.

Target group

  • Instructors




  • Creating paper-based multiple choice exams
  • Automatic evaluation of exam results using a special scanning station

Access and requirements

If you are an instructor and are interested in using evaexam, please contact the IT Service for more information.

Technical information

After you have finished creating an exam, evaexam automatically generates print templates in the desired quantity. Each copy is individually barcoded to prevent later misidentification.

Once your students have taken the exam, the exam sheets will be scanned at a special station. They are checked for scan-related errors and, if necessary, free-text tasks must be manually corrected. When all the exam sheets have been analyzed, you can export the finished evaluations in PDF or CSV format.