Electronic lab notebook for a variety of disciplines

The web-based software eLabFTW allows you to maintain an electronic lab notebook and use it to plan, monitor and document scientific experiments. eLabFTW is designed to be flexible and open and therefore can be used and adapted for use with a wide variety of disciplines.

An overview of key features:

  • Plan, monitor and document experiments digitally and as a team
  • Cross-experiment object database (for devices, molecules, chemicals, etc.)
  • Scheduler, experiment templates, to-do lists
  • RFC 3161 compliant timestamping, versioning, tags
  • Ability to export in various formats (e.g. PDF, ZIP, CSV, JSON)
  • Browser-based and responsive, thus platform-independent
  • Available in multiple languages
  • API access for advanced users

eLabFTW is an open source software and is hosted at the University Computing Centre. All data is encrypted by eLabFTW and stays on University servers.

This service is operated and managed by the Competence Centre for Research Data (Kompetenzzentrum Forschungsdaten, KFD), a joint institution run by the University Library and University Computing Centre that provides centralized services for archiving and publishing research data.

Target Group

  • Researchers
  • Students
  • University employees


  • Digital management of experiments for individual users and teams
  • Support with laboratory management, e.g. time scheduling for lab equipment
  • Increase efficiency with experiment templates and objects stored in a central database

Access and Requirements

The eLabFTW service for the University is currently in the Closed Beta-Phase. Those with a Uni ID can request access for their working group via email: elabftw(at)uni-heidelberg.de.

Please note: The closed beta phase can only be used for testing purposes, i.e. it cannot be used for production. Therefore, you should not save any important (research) data in it as it could be irretrievably deleted! More information about Closed Beta can be found in the linked info sheet.