ServiceAdministrative Printers and Copiers

Professional devices for printing, copying and scanning for daily office use at the University

Fully functional printers, scanners and copiers are essential for the day-to-day operations at the University. With this purpose in mind, multifunction devices and printers are provided by the supplier Ricoh for the employees working at the University's institutions and faculties. These devices are set up as at your desk or (as with larger models) for joint use by several employees in the same work area. The larger devices can be placed in a central location, such as a copy room.

The system is ordered through the University Computing Centre, and the framework contract is managed by Ricoh. A central fleet management system ensures that tasks such as meter reading reporting for cost accounting, toner replenishment and troubleshooting are largely automated.


Target group

  • University employees
  • Researchers
  • IT representatives


  • Professional printing, copying and scanning devices on a central print server with automated operation and billing
  • Installation and on-site system support by the supplier Ricoh
  • Support with any questions or difficulties that may arise from both the URZ and Ricoh


Information on the other services provided by the framework contract can be found on the Central Procurement website.

Access and requirements

Using the devices

For the larger, centrally accessible multifunction devices, you can use “pull print” printing, i.e. the print job is sent to the central print server from a workstation PC, a mobile device or via the EveryonePrint web portal. The document(s) can then be printed at one of the multifunction devices after logging in with your user ID and password or with a card (usually a Service Card) and PIN. In order to be able to log in to a device with a card, it must first be activated for this purpose. It is possible to print on all institute devices for which you have received authorization from the relevant institute manager.

To be able to send print jobs from your computer to the print server, you need to install the print server as a printer in your operating system. Alternatively, you can use the web portal EveryonePrint, through which you can send print jobs via your web browser.

Placing orders and managing the devices

Please use the order form from the web page of the Central Procurement Department (click on order/ prices on the bottom right). Please complete, stamp, sign and scan (300dpi) the form and send it to:


On the web page of the Central Procurement Department, you can also find data sheets about the available systems (Login via Uni ID necessary).

Institute managers can impose certain restrictions on the use of the devices (e.g. a permitted number of black-and-white or color pages per month) and assign features (such as cost centers). Every quarter, they will automatically receive a report on the devices in their area of responsibility for further billing.

Technical information

The systems are automated through the URZ which operates a central fleet management and a pull print solution software that includes card usage. For automatic operation, all devices should be connected to the network. Through a server located in the URZ:

  • counter readings are transmitted
  • consumables (toner, gel cartridge) are ordered, if necessary,
  • error messages are forwarded to Ricoh's service center (if possible) and
  • a central device configuration as well as central firmware updates are available.

The integration into the fleet management is obligatory for all systems unless this is not possible due to technical reasons.

pull print and card usage

The DIN A3 multifunction systems are delivered with a card reader and equipped with software by Inepro, which works in cooperation with Ricoh. This enables you to:

  • use pull print printing, which means that your job is only printed if you enter your ID and password or if you hold your card up to the reader and enter your PIN. A print job needs to be sent to a central URZ print server beforehand. You can use all institute printers for which you have authorization granted by the institute manager.
  • scan and save the document in your inbox which is allocated to your ID or in heiBOX which is a safe Dropbox alternative.
  • assign authorizations (for printing, scanning or copying), restrictions (for the amount of black-and-white or color documents per month) and properties (like the cost center).
  • produce quarterly reports for further calculations.

There may be reasons not to use the software that enables pull print and card usage. In such cases, you can deactivate the software on the printer. Since there are additional costs for a subsequent reactivation of this software, the cost center manager must declare their approval of the deactivation by written request (see PDF download).


We recommend the universal drivers by Ricoh. These can be downloaded from the Ricoh support pages (search path: ricoh/download/printer/universal drivers). When adding a new printer, the universal driver establishes contact with the printer and examines its equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get an additional card?
Studierendenwerk lends employee and guest cards for a deposit.
How do I send a print job to a printer in my workplace?

To do this, you have to configure a printer on your work computer, which will forward your print jobs to the print server. You can find how-tos for configuring these printers for various operating systems further below on this page. To ensure that your printouts are correctly allocated, the print jobs must be sent with the same user ID that you use to log in to the multifunction device.