13 December 2023 - Carrier and Training A Carrier Start with Future Prospects: IT Specialists at the URZ

Our trainees' success stories have a continuing track record this year. After completing their training as IT specialists in system integration, Thomas Käseberg and Aaron Neuner will continue their careers in the IT world at the Computing Centre. In a video produced collaboratively by the university's trainees, you can get a glimpse behind the scenes of this exciting professional field, which offers future IT specialists both countless opportunities and excellent job prospects. 

Behind the scenes: A typical trainee workday as an IT specialist

In the video, Aaron Neuner and Thomas Käseberg take you on a journey from the daily routine of a trainee to successfully entering the field of IT. It will give you a first-hand impression of what a typical working day with exciting projects and varied tasks can look like and why training at URZ is so rewarding. (Video only available in German.)

Multifaceted, enriching and anything but ordinary: IT at the URZ

At the URZ, employees benefit from a range of technologies and IT infrastructure that is not widely available. A look back at their training period shows the variety of experiences that they were able to gain during their apprenticeship through exploring various work and service areas: from IT and on-site services to networking and telephony to science-related applications such as high-performance computing. 
We are proud, as always, to know that our IT specialists are an integral part of our team and congratulate them on their successful graduation. We are even more thrilled that they will continue to work with us and contribute their expertise to the URZ as colleagues and would like to wish them every success in their new roles.
Thomas Käseberg will continue his professional development in his preferred department, the Core Systems service group. His responsibilities include operating the VMware vSphere cluster, including looking after the servers in the machine room, administering the cluster via the vCenter and providing storage via the NetApp Metro Cluster. Aaron Neuner has his place both in the cloud team and in IT security, areas in which has always had an interest in, both privately and now professionally.

Neuner and Käseberg in the Computing Centre

Science-related IT in a university environment and the close connection to teaching and research were and will continue to be enriching. It is a very interesting and open place with a comfortable atmosphere and many competent people with great ideas.

Aaron Neuner (right in the photo)

Looking back, I particularly appreciate the diversity of tasks and projects during my training. The opportunity to get to know all service areas and service groups at the URZ in the first two years of my apprenticeship gave me a comprehensive overview of the various areas of responsibility both at the URZ and in the larger IT landscape. This enabled me to carefully select an area of work.

Thomas Käseberg (left in the photo)

Interested in a training position? Applications for 2024 still open

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