02 March 2023 - Collaboration and Digital TeachingNew conditions for the conferencing tool Webex from mid-March

Beginning on 19 March 2023, university employees will be subject to new terms and conditions for Cisco's conferencing service Webex Meeting.
If you already have a Webex account, it will be automatically canceled on 18 March. If you wish to continue using Webex, you must submit a new request form.

Online Meeting with a female student, who is taking notes. Smiling people on the computer screen.

Employees of Heidelberg University can now order the following license at a low price.

Webex Meetings

  • Cost: 108 € per user
  • Contract is valid until 18.03.2026 and is to be paid in full at the time of order.
  • Video conferences and online meetings, including an app for mobile devices
  • Easily invite students and non-university members: Participation in the meeting is possible even without a login. The meeting creator can invite people by simply sharing the meeting link.
  • The products Webex Training and Webex Events are not included in Webex Meetings.
  • Webex licenses are subject to a fee and are therefore only available to university employees. They are billed to the institution's cost center.

Order Webex

You can easily order Webex with the linked web form. If you are already using an account, please place a new order by 18 March 2023 to ensure that the continued use of your account runs as smoothly as possible.

Existing accounts do not need to be proactively canceled; they will be automatically canceled on 18 March 2023.

The free university alternative: heiCONF

The free and data-protection-compliant conferencing tool heiCONF with heiCONF Audimax is also available to all employees of the university.