9 September 2020 - About UsCareer start at the URZ: Three future IT specialists begin their vocational training

Despite corona restrictions, the three new URZ trainees were able to launch their careers on the 1.9. as planned. Over the next years, they will be trained as IT specialists in the field of system integration.

We are very happy to welcome the new trainees Aaron Neuner, Marco Moock and Thomas Käseberg to the University Computing Centre (URZ)!

In the initial phase of their vocational training, the three will work in different URZ departments and get to know the various working areas and IT services of the institution, ranging from the IT and on-site services to network and telephony to scientific applications such as high performance computing. "This way, the trainees will gain a varied insight into the work at a university computing centre and can later decide more easily on a main focus they find especially interesting", explains Dr. Carina Ortseifen, training manager at the computing centre.

Even under the current special circumstances, a high quality vocational training is possible. "We work hybrid – in the home office and at the workplace, taking into account the new hygiene regulations", says Ortseifen. “It is very important to us to make the start into training as normal and profitable as possible. Here we have three open and inquisitive young people who want to actively involve themselves in the operations of the URZ. They should have sufficient opportunity to do so.”

Apply now for the vocational training start in 2021

Every year, the university computing centre offers several placements for IT specialist vocational training. The training takes three years and always begins on the 1st of September. Prospective trainees can already apply for the training starting 2021 now.

Introducing the new URZ trainees

Porträtfoto Thomas Käseberg

I'm training as an IT specialist for system integration because I'm very interested in how computers, networks and IT systems work and would like to gain more expertise in these areas. In my spare time I do a lot of sport, enjoy meeting up with friends, and occupy myself with politics or science.

Thomas Käseberg

I decided to train as an IT specialist in system integration because I'm interested in computers, operating systems and computer networks. I also deal with these topics privately, since I own several computers running Ubuntu or Debian and they are also in a network. I hope that this training will allow me to learn and gain experience in many new technical areas. In my spare time I'm mostly occupied with IT topics, but I also have an aquarium with guppies.

Marco Moock

Porträt Aaron Neuner

I decided to train as an IT specialist at the Heidelberg University Computing Centre because I have always been interested in computers and technology. I decided to train at the university because of the wide range of possibilities - and because I really like the campus. I hope that the training will give me a good introduction to working life and help me improve my skills and learn new things. Im my spare time I like to occupy myself with computers and physics, but I also enjoy swimming, playing video games, and am interested in anime and manga.

Aaron Neuner