Conference accounts

Upon request, the URZ can provide guest accounts for conferences held at Heidelberg University. These accounts are valid for the duration of the conference and allow conference participants to use the university's Wi-Fi network. They also grant access to some of the public computer rooms across campus.

The accounts can be requested by the conference managers or the IT representative of the institution where the event is taking place or that is organizing the event.

Users do not have to install any software to be able to use a conference account. They receive their own account name and password. The password cannot be changed. If a password change becomes necessary, the account will be closed and the member will receive a new account. Participants who have access to eduroam do not necessarily need a conference account.

Please note that we can also provide customized Wi-Fi and LAN access for your conference. In areas where Wi-Fi is not available, we can temporarily install Wi-Fi routers or provide a Wi-Fi or LAN connection for a conference office. For more information please see: WiFi or LAN connection for conferences.


Requesting, distributing and using the accounts

You can request conference accounts via this form.

We will need some time to process your request, so please make sure to send it in 15 working days before your event takes place. If you request the accounts on short notice, we will try our best to provide them in time, but cannot guarantee that they will be ready for your event.

The person sending in the request is responsible for the distribution of the accounts to the participants. We provide an Excel or CSV file listing all accounts and passwords for this purpose, which you can easily use to create badges or info sheets to hand out at your conference. In case of inquiries, the person sending in the request has to be able to name all account recipients. The account recipients, by using the account, accept our Terms of Use.



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