How-ToCancellation and migration of existing Zoom accounts

Employees whose Zoom account is linked to their work email address (email address ends at uni-heidelberg.de, i.e. max.musterman[at]zuv.uni-heidelberg.de or max.mustermann[at]uni-heidelberg.de), and who currently use a paid Zoom licence, need to undertake certain actions in order to switch to Zoom X.

To ensure that the migration of Your account can happen smoothly, we recommend that You notify Zoom as early as possible, but at least 30 days before the end of the individual contract term.

Individual accounts
In order to migrate to the university's central Zoom X account, You or Your Zoom administrator or the owner of Your institute account must cancel Your current contract with Zoom. Individual accounts can be cancelled easily via the web portal. You can find more details on this in the linked instructions from the distributor.

Institutional accounts
If Your Zoom account is integrated into a larger account, i.e. an institute account, the account holder must cancel the account by e-mail. The cancellation notice should be sent to renewals@zoom.us. For a draft cancellation e-mail, please contact zoom@uni-heidelberg.de.

As the account holder list the individual account number in the email and refer to the migration of the account to the university's central Zoom X account. The email address of the account holder of Your account can be found in the profile settings in the Zoom web portal under 'Account holder'.

Purchasing a Zoom X license

After You or the account holder has cancelled Your existing account, You can simply order a Zoom-X license via the linked order form by emailing the completed form to zoom@uni-heidelberg.de