The Uni-ID is the personal digital ID number for students, doctoral candidates, and employees at Heidelberg University. It grants access to many of Heidelberg University's IT services and various IT services that are available through state-wide cooperations. The ID is an individual combination of letters and numbers that always follows the pattern "ab123".

Each Uni-ID is assigned to a single person and cannot be transferred to a different individual. It does not change even if a person's legal status within the university changes (e.g., when a student becomes an employee).

The Uni-ID is only meant to be used for work or study-related purposes. A new Uni-ID has to be activated by its owner before it can be used. This process requires an activation code that is usually sent to the Uni-ID owner by (internal) mail.

Members of the following groups at Heidelberg University are currently eligible for a Uni-ID:

  • Students

  • Professors

  • Doctoral candidates

  • University employees and civil servants

  • Research associates

  • Temporary lecturers

  • Volunteer staff

University hospital employees who are not members of the Medical Faculties are not eligible for Uni-ID. Individuals who work at a university institute but whose employment contract is with a university hospital are also not eligible for a Uni-ID.

You usually do not need to specifically request your Uni-ID. It will be generated and sent to you once you have enrolled, have been admitted as a doctoral candidate, or have started working at Heidelberg University.

Students will receive their Uni-ID together with their student ID card during the enrolment process.

PhD students will receive their Uni-ID with their admission as a doctoral candidate. Click here to learn more about the admission process.

Employees will receive their Uni-ID via (internal) mail after signing their employment contract

Temporary lecturers (Lehrbeauftragte) will receive their Uni-ID automatically when they are added to the university's staff management system. They will be added to this system after the form "Antrag auf Erteilung von Lehraufträgen" has been handed in. Click here for more information.

The Uni-ID has to be activated before you can use it. To activate it, you will need a special code that is sent to you by mail. Once you have received the code, use this online form to start the activation process.

Please note: By activating your Uni-ID, you agree to the Terms of Use for all services offered by the University Computing Centre (URZ).

Your Uni-ID will remain valid as long as you maintain a legal status with the university that makes you eligible for a Uni-ID (e.g. as long as you are an enrolled student, a doctoral candidate, or an employee).

If you forgot your password, please get in touch with:

  • the IT representative responsible for you (if you are an employee).

  • one of our IT Service Points (if you are a student or doctoral candidate). See this website for the service point locations and opening hours. Please come in person and make sure to bring a valid photo ID!

If you know your current password but would like to change it:

University hospital employees who are not also members of the Medical Faculties are currently not eligible for a Uni-ID. Individuals who work at a university institute but whose employment contract is with a university hospital are also not eligible for a Uni-ID.

With your Uni-ID, you will automatically receive an e-mail address based on this pattern:


Creating e-mail aliases

Setting an e-mail alias allows you to personalize your e-mail address and makes it more legible. The IT-Service can create e-mail aliases for all @uni-heidelberg.de and @stud.uni-heidelberg.de addresses. These aliases usually follow this pattern:

  • <firstname>.<lastname>@uni-heidelberg.de
  • <firstname>.<lastname>@stud.uni-heidelberg.de

Simply sent an e-mail to the IT Service to request a new alias.

If you are an employee, your respective IT representative can create e-mail aliases with your institute's or organization's prefix, for example:

  • <firstname>.<lastname>@urz.uni-heidelberg.de

Using your mailbox

Once you have activated your Uni-ID, your mailbox is ready to be used. You can access it via the SOGo webmail client or use a desktop-based mail client of your choice (e.g. Microsoft Office, Thunderbird). Please see this page for more information on SOGo or on how to configure your mail client.


Case 1: I am a student and will soon become an employee at the university as well. Can I get a second Uni-ID?

No, each person only receives one Uni-ID.

Case 2: I received a second Uni-ID. What am I supposed to do with it?

Please tell our IT-Service which Uni-ID you would like to keep. We recommend keeping the first one that you received.

No. Your Uni-ID is your personal digital ID number and should not be used by others.

The Uni-ID has only been available for doctoral candidates for a short time, so if you have been a doctoral candidate for a while, you may have to complete a few additional steps to receive yours. Please check if you meet the following requirements:

  1. You have already registered at the heiDOCS portal (when starting the admission process) or the Dean's Office or Doctoral Office at your faculty has transferred your data to the portal. Please contact the responsible office if you are not sure about this step.
  2. Your faculty has officially admitted you as a doctoral candidate, and the responsible Dean’s Office or Doctoral Office has documented this admission in the heiDOCS portal (heiDOCS status "accepted").
  3. You have shown your passport or German identity card at the Dean's Office or Doctoral Office of your faculty or at the central Doctoral Students' Office to confirm your identity. The responsible Dean's Office or Doctoral Office has documented the completed identity check in the heiDOCS portal. Please note that the Doctoral Students' Office does not perform the identity check for new doctoral students.

Once you meet all of these requirements, our systems will automatically allocate a Uni-ID and send it to you by mail.

To complete steps 2 and 3, please contact the Dean's Office at your faculty. To complete step 3, you can also visit the Doctoral Students' Office (unless you are a new doctoral student).

Please note: If you already have a Uni-ID based on an employment contract or due to enrolment, you will not receive an additional ID after your admission as a doctoral candidate. However, your existing Uni-ID will receive the additional “Doctoral candidate” status.

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