How-toSetting up an Instmail account in Thunderbird

This how-to describes how you can access your emails on the Instmail server via Thunderbird.

Setting up a new email account

1. First, go to the menu in Thunderbird (via the three horizontal lines next to the search bar in the top right) and select “Settings” → "Account settings".

2. In the left bottom corner of the new window, select "Account Actions"→ "Add Mail Account".

Screenshot: AnleitungStandartEmailKonto&Instmail_Thunderbird__Schritt1

3. Please enter the following details:

  • Your name: Last name, first name
  • Email Address: Please see the “Overview: Email Server” which is mentioned above, e.g. Max.Mustermann[@]uni-heidelberg.de
  • Password: Your password

Then click on “Next”.

4. The client will now attempt to automatically determine the correct server settings. Please click on “Manual Configuration” to edit the server settings.

Screenshot: AnleitungStandardEmailKonto&Instmail_Thunderbird_Schritt2

5. Depending on your email account type, you will need to enter different server information. Enter the following information:

Important: Here and in the following instructions, please always replace the placeholder institute abbreviation with the correct institute from your email address.

Example: For the email address max.mustermann[@]alumni.uni-heidelberg.de, alumni is the correct institute abbreviation. This abbreviation is used as an example in the screenshot below.

Under “Incoming Server”, please enter the following details:

  • IMAP
  • Server Address: mail.institute-abbreviation.uni-heidelberg.de
  • Port: 993 (alternatively: 143)
  • Security: SSL/TLS (STARTTLS if using port 143)
  • Authentication: Automatic
  • Username incoming: first-name.last-name[@]institute-abbreviation.uni-heidelberg.de

Under “Outgoing server” (SMTP) please enter the following:

  • Server Address: mail.urz.uni-heidelberg.de
  • Port: 587 *)
  • Security: STARTTLS
  • Authentication: Automatic
  • Username outgoing: first-name.last-name[@]institute-abbreviation.uni-heidelberg.de

*) For mobile clients (both inside and outside the uni network) please use:

Port 587 (Connection security: STARTTLS)

Screenshot: HowtoInstmailThunderbird_Schritt3

IMPORTANT: For Thunderbird version 78.1.0. or newer:

When installing or updating to Thunderbird to version 78.1.0 or newer, you may find that Thunderbird no longer works with Instmail under its default settings. However, you can fix this problem by manually changing the settings in Thunderbird as follows:

Tools > Options > Advanced > General > Config Editor... >

Search: security.tls.version.min > Right click on the search result > Set the Integer-Value: 1 > Confirm with “OK”

6. Now click “Re-test” to check whether the manually entered server settings are correct. Finally, click on “Done” to complete the process.

Checking and editing account settings

To review or even change the settings if necessary, simply go to “Account settings” again. On the left, you will find an individual menu for your newly created email account.

  • Under “Server settings”, you can later change the server address, security type and the port (for other settings please see the “Overview: Email Server” which is mentioned above).
Screenshot: AnleitungStandardEmailKonto&Instmail_Thunderbird__Schritt4

You can also change the settings under “Outgoing Server (SMTP)” (see the “Overview: Email Server” which is mentioned above).

Screenshot: Anleitung:StandardEMailKonto&Instmail_Thunderbird_Schritt5

If your email account doesn't work immediately, you can change your settings here without having to set up the account again. If you aren't sure which settings are correct, simply check in the “Overview: Email Server”.