3D CAD software for physical simulations

SOLIDWORKS is a 3D CAD software with a wide range of integrated functions for physical simulations. It is available in an Education Edition (for use by teachers at the University) and as a Student Engineering Kit (for use at home).

SolidWorks Simulation does not perform multiphysics simulation (multiple simulation types at the same time), but it is very easy to combine different simulations, e.g. to include pressure results from a flow simulation in a structural study.

Optional add-ons are:

  • SolidCAM
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical:
    • SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics
    • SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D
  • SOLIDWORKS Composer

SOLIDWORKS is available in an Education Edition and as a research license.

The current version for study and teaching is called SOLIDWORKS Education Edition 2020/2021. SOLIDWORKS Electrical is integrated into this new version.

Target group

Education Edition

  • Students (including those working on their Master's thesis)
  • University employees, who work as teachers

Research license

  • Doctoral candidates
  • Researchers

In this case, Master's theses are included under "Education", but doctoral dissertations are not. For doctoral dissertations and other research activities, you much use a SOLIDWORKS Academic Research License.


Integrated functions:

  • 3D CAD: part, assembly, production drawings
  • Structural simulations, incl. fatigue, nonlinear
  • Thermal simulation
  • Flow simulation, incl. extra functions and library parts for HVAC and cooling of electronics
  • Kinematic simulation
  • Environmental impact simulation
  • Manufacturability test for injection, molding, turned and milled parts
  • Manufacturing cost calculation for sheet metal, turned and milled parts.

Access and requirements

If you are interested in SOLIDWORKS, please contact the URZ IT Service by email.


Education Edition

The license is free for students. Institutes that would like to use SOLIDWORKS for teaching can participate in the license agreement by making a contribution to expenses.

Research license

Doctoral candidates and institutes that would like to use SOLIDWORKS for research can participate in the license agreement by making a contribution to expenses.

Technical information

SOLIDWORKS is available for Windows and MacOS.