Framework agreement to expire on 31.03.2023

The current framework agreement for MATLAB licenses expires on March 31, 2023. Heidelberg University has confirmed its participation in the new state license. As soon as the ordering process has been defined at the state level, there will be an update on the necessary steps for the university.

Programming and numerical calculations

MATLAB is a comprehensive software package from the company MathWorks for processing numerical data. In addition to the basic MATLAB package, which is always available in its latest version, the package also includes Simulink and more than 60 toolboxes. Simulink is an add-on product for system modeling. Toolboxes are function libraries for specialized fields.

Target group

  • Students
  • Employees (incl. employees at the University Hospital, however the use of the licenses is only permitted on University computers)


Before using this software, please note the license agreement (see link).


  • Development environment for iterative analysis and design processes with a programming language for matrix-based mathematics.
  • Data analysis, modeling and visualization, algorithm development
  • Possible areas of application are machine learning, deep learning, robotics, image processing, and much more.

Access and Requirements

There are three versions of this product available under the state license:

For employees of University institutions, (TAH (Total Academic Headcount) Campus Option)

  • individual licenses
  • network licenses

are available at a discount. Employees receive the activation key for individual licenses via the University Software Shop at asknet.

Please note: University employees who work at the University Hospitals can use MATLAB, but it cannot be installed on the hospital computers.

For students of Heidelberg University (TAH Student Option), cost-free student licenses are available. You can request or extend a license with the linked web form.

The software can either be downloaded directly via the asknet shop (employees) or via the MathWorks portal (students and employees). For the network licenses, there is an ISO file share available from within the University network under:


Network license holders automatically gain access to this share (login via ad\Uni ID).

Before using/installing this software, please note the remarks on the MATLAB license agreement (see link).


The costs are 180€ for an individual license and 0€ for a student license.

Network licenses are ordered directly from the URZ. To do this, please contact the IT Service. With a network license, it is possible to operate your own license server or use the license server of the URZ. The cost is scaled according to the number of concurrent users per year and ranges from €240 (for 1-5 concurrent users) to €72 (for more than 50 concurrent users).