SoftwareChemOffice+ Cloud/ChemDraw

Professional-quality drawing and editing of chemical structures

ChemOffice+ Cloud is now available with the new license period. This includes ChemDraw Professional. The software offers tools for creating chemical and biological structures in 2D and 3D. It is not only used to draw compounds and reactions, but also to capture, save, query, analyze and share data and information about compounds, reactions, materials and their associated properties.

It also includes Chem3D Ultra, ChemFinder Ultra and interfaces to third-party quantum chemistry software (MOPAC, Gaussian, Conflex and Autodock) as well as temporary access to Signals Notebook Individual Edition, a cloud-based electronic laboratory notebook solution.

Target group

The University license for ChemOffice+ can be used by:

  • All students with a @stud.uni-heidelberg.de email address.
  • Individuals who have a Uni ID and one of the following email addresses:
    • @aci.uni-heidelberg.de
    • @oci.uni-heidelberg.de
    • @pci.uni-heidelberg.de
    • @medma.uni-heidelberg.de
    • @med.uni-heidelberg.de
    • @imseam.uni-heidelberg.de

Other institutes can also utilize the ChemOffice+ Cloud license in return for a share of the costs. The order form is linked at “Access and requirements”.


  • Creation of professional visualizations of chemical structures, e.g. for scientific papers and publications

Access and requirements

For first-time users:

If you belong to the authorized group of people, you can apply for a license using the linked form.

Employees who do not have one of the e-mail addresses listed above can purchase licenses using the linked order form. Please inform the IT representative of your institute about the order in advance.

For existing customers:

If you have already installed ChemDraw and wish to continue using it, you must activate the software with a new key. Proceed as follows:

  • Log into your customer account on the linked page of the manufacturer (Revvity).
  • You will find your new key under Product Activation in the line with the product "ChemOffice+ Cloud", the start date Dec 18, 2023 and the end date Jan 15, 2027. Copy the activation key to the clipboard and open the ChemDraw software on your computer.
  • Under the menu item “Help” (Windows) or "ChemDraw Professional" (Mac) select "Activate ChemDraw Professional". In the window that now opens, overwrite the old activation code with the new one and click on the "Activate" button. After a short moment, you will see that you have successfully activated ChemDraw.

We recommend that you make a backup of your data beforehand and, if necessary, install the latest version of ChemDraw software. You can download this from your customer account.

Technical information

ChemOffice+ Cloud is available for Windows and MacOS.