Visualization and interactive cluster applications

The web-based application bwVisu enables user friendly operation of interactive and graphical applications on bwHPC Cluster Hardware. For this purpose, several applications have been made available that can be used by all research institutions in the State of Baden-Württemberg.

bwVisu was developed as part of a project in cooperation with the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology) and the HLRS (High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart).

Target group

  • University employees
  • Students
  • Doctoral candidates
  • Researchers
  • External members (researchers from all over Baden-Württemberg)


Today, numerical simulations are an indispensable part of many academic fields. In response to the growing demands for the accuracy of simulations and the data volumes required to process them, the concept of remote applications offers a sensible solution: Researchers can access a central, powerful computing and visualization architecture from their workstations.

Access and requirements

Access to bwVisu is accessible to all users of the State services bwForCluster Helix or SDS@hd. If you have not yet registered for one of these federated services, you will need a valid user account from one of the participating organizations.

You can find detailed information about registration and getting started with the app in the linked page.

Technical information

The data is saved on both the bwForCluster Helix and SDS@hd service.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I direct any support inquiries regarding bwVisu?

Please address inquiries regarding user support to bwvisu-support@urz.uni-heidelberg.de