ServiceProject number

A university user ID for students, employees, other university staff members and external parties that is project-specific, person-specific and time-limited.

In contrast to a Uni ID, a project number is designed for time-limited activities, e.g. in the context of a project, and can be assigned to external cooperation partners and companies.

Your project number grants you access to Heidelberg University's internal network and selected services provided by the URZ. It allows a person to participate in different institutions of the University. Each project number is uniquely assigned to a single person and cannot be transferred to another person. The users automatically receive a University email address.

Some target groups such as external parties may receive a project number instead of a Uni ID. Unlike the Uni ID, the project number has restricted permissions, so only selected services or functions can be used. Project numbers must always be requested.

A project number is usually a unique combination of letters and numbers, e.g. “x9abcde”, “ab1” or "a12". For guests, it is composed from elements of their name.

Target group

Members and associates of the University as well as external cooperation partners without a Uni ID:

  • Students
  • University employees
  • External members, e.g. employees of companies involved in cooperative projects


Issuing project numbers enables cooperation with external parties and even allows employees without a Uni ID to use University services, as long as their activity is temporary and project-related.

Students who work as student/research assistants or in connection with a project can receive a project number in addition to their Uni ID as well as an accompanying email address.

For a specific list of services that can be used, please contact IT Services. (These services may vary depending on the institution you are affiliated with.)

Use of a variety of services, e.g.:

  • LAN use
  • VPN
  • Login to public PC Pools
  • Login to Ricoh printers all over campus to scan, copy and print documents
  • Communication with others without giving a private email address by using your project number's associated standard email account on SOGo: projectnumber[at]uni-heidelberg.de.
  • Request for an Exchange email account with a project number request (only for internal members).

Access and Requirements

Making a request

A project number can only be obtained upon request; allocation does not take place automatically. With the help of your IT representative or your contact person at the University, please select the appropriate application and follow the directions. .
If you are applying for a project number for the first time, please check “Neueinrichtung/Neuzugang” (New setup / New username).
If you need an Exchange email account, then please check the relevant box in your application.

After receiving and reviewing of the request form, the project number will be created and your contact person or IT representative (via the SharePoint area for IT representatives) will be informed. They will receive the activation code. Please contact your IT representative to get the activation code.


You can perform the subsequent activation using the web form found on this page. Here you will enter your new project number and the activation code. With the activation, you accept the user regulations of the services of the University Computing Centre.


The project number is valid either

  • for the duration of the project 
  • for the duration of your enrollment (for students)
  • or until 30.11. of a calendar year maximum, unless a different period is defined in the application (e.g. for grant holders).

For questions regarding a project number request or extension, please contact your IT representative or your contact person at the University.

Change or set a password

You can use the linked form to change the password for your project number yourself, so long as you are logged into the University network It is recommended to regularly change your password for security reasons.

Change or extend your project number

Changes or an extension can be made using the request form linked above or by the IT representative in the user portal. In the case of a change request via the request form, please check the box next to “Änderung” (Change).

Since the project number is only valid for a limited time, the request for extension must be submitted in a timely fashion prior to expiration. Please note that a project number account is only valid until 30.11. of each calendar year. For an extension please check the box next to “Verlängerung” (Extension) or contact your IT representative well in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can get a project number?

The allocation of project numbers is available for limited-term projects at Heidelberg University and its participating staff members. The allocation is person and project-specific: The project title and description must be specified in the request form.

How do I use or change my project number email address?

  • The emails sent to your email address projectnumber[at] uni-heidelberg.de can be accessed with our webmail portal SOGo:


  • If you would like to have a name-based alias created for your project number, please contact the IT Service directly or please specify this when requesting the project number (internal requests only). Contact form IT Service:


  • If you have requested an Exchange mailbox for your project number, you can access your emails via the Exchange web interface:


Can other people use my project number?

No, because a project number is a unique, personal account. It is not permitted to pass on your access data to third parties.

You can request a function account if you need an ID for joint usage. A function account can be used by up to four users at the same time. These users must be named in the request. More information can be found on the Service Catalogue page for function accounts.