Creating and managing email lists

Via LISTSERV, University users can create and manage large-scale email lists. Day-to-day university operations regularly require information to be sent to a large number of people. Emails lists enable you to reach a great number of recipients at the same time. Thus, the delivery of emails to thousands of recipients via a single email address can be achieved easily and quickly.

Target group

  • University employees



LISTSERV is a service for Heidelberg University employees with which you can manage mailing lists and thereby send emails to a very large number of recipients.

  • The list applicant or “list owner” can manage their emails lists via a web interface.
  • The lists are system independent and can be used with all operating systems and mail programs.
  • With just one email address, you can reach all list members. The list can be:
    • a distribution list with which you can reach a large number of recipients (newsletter)
    • a closed list in which only members can send emails
    • an open or moderated list in which anyone is allowed to send emails.
  • New members can either register themselves, submit a request or be exclusively registered by the list owner.
  • Bounces (caused by out-of-office messages or incorrect email addresses) are automatically processed. This means that the sender will not accidentally receive hundreds of “Out of office” replies.
  • LISTSERV creates an archive of your sent messages.

Access and requirements

Employees of Heidelberg University can request for new lists to be created. Requests for lists are made via web form. When making the request, you will set the name, a description and the list owner of the email list, and after activation, you are able to manage the list independently. For more information concerning listserv setup, administration and documentation, please refer to the listserv documentation.

Technical information

LISTSERV is a software from L-Soft International Inc.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why don't my emails appear as verified, when I send them digitally signed via an email list?
When a new list is created, in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) an “Unsubscribe” option will be automatically activated, so that list members can deregister themselves from the list. To avoid a GDPR violation, automated unsubscribe links must be set at the end of the email. Since this changes the content of the email, the digital signature appears as invalid.
Can I send encrypted emails via email lists?
No, this is not technically possible.

A recommended alternative would be to share sensitive information/files via an encrypted heiBOX library. A link to the file can then be sent via the email list. However, the password for the encrypted library must be shared using a method other than the email list.