Conferencing service on the German research network

DFNconf, a service from the DFN-Verein, is especially aimed at users in scientific fields and is tailored to the needs of research and teaching.
In addition to the video and web conferencing services heiCONF (based on BigBlueButton) and Cisco Webex, the Computing Centre also offers employees of Heidelberg University DFNconf as an option for conducting audio, video and web conferences.

The DFNconf service combines components from the previous DFNVideoConference and DFNWebConference services and expands their range of functions to include new connectivity and usage options.

  • Create and configure high-quality video and audio conferences
  • Audio or video streaming, including text chat with an unlimited number of viewers
  • Use of dedicated VC systems
  • Maximum of 50 participants (display limited to 23 video images)

Target group

  • University employees


University employees

With DFNconf, conferences can be held on demand and tailored to the needs of the scientific community.

  • Meeting rooms are created using a uniform, product-independent interface. This gives you the option to customize meeting rooms to suit your specifications (e.g. room size or maximum number of participants, access restrictions (PIN, locking meetings rooms, etc.), learning management system (LMS) connectivity, non-video teleconferencing).
  • With the new platform, the service can be used ad hoc and without prior reservation
  • There is no limit on meeting length.
  • Invite participants via email link: international partners and industry partners can also be easily invited
  • Easy web access: participants do not need their own account
  • If you are planning courses or webinars with up to 200 participants, the DFN web conferencing service under Adobe Connect is still available.

Access and requirements

The service's central entry point is the DFNconf service portal which is linked in the margin (note that the site is only available in German). There you can find additional information about the service and register using the uniform interface. After clicking the “Veranstalter-Login” button you will be redirected to a new page. There, select "Universität Heidelberg", click “weiter” and finally enter your Uni ID and password. After registering, you will be redirected to the DFN Portal.

Technical information

The DFNconf web and video conferencing service can be used on many platforms without any additional plug-ins and is based on the web and video conferencing solution from Pexip.

Depending on the equipment available to you, you have the option of participating in meetings via browser, SIP/H.323 or telephone. Browser-based access takes place via a meeting URL that you access on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS or Android. For access via SIP or H.323, you will need to use dedicated VC room systems or VC clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I set up a meeting room?

Your account will be set up after you have logged in via the “Log in” button. You will then be able to create meeting rooms and prepare invitations for the participants. Meeting participants do not require their own account and can come from any institution regardless of whether or not it is part of the DFN group, including industry partners or international correspondents. Meeting rooms are set up via a uniform, product-independent interface, where you have the opportunity to adapt the meeting room to your specific needs.

Meeting room features include, for example:

  • the size of the room (i.e. the maximal number of participants),
  • access restrictions (PIN, locking the room or the like),
  • non-video teleconferencing.

What kinds of meeting rooms are available and how do I invite participants?

In order to set up a meeting room you can use the pre-existing profiles (e.g. “Neuer Meetingraum” or “Neue Vorlesung”), which you can then configure individually. Your meeting room remains in your organizer’s account even after use. This way, you have the opportunity to view a list of your previous meeting rooms and adjust them. For every meeting room, an invitation email is generated, which includes all options for the dial-in. This is so that the participants can individually choose which mode of access they want to use. It is possible to include up to 50 participants in a meeting room. In addition, other viewers can watch a stream of the event.

Additional FAQs can be found on the DFN website.