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Note: This website is currently being revised

The University is introducing the new campus management system Heidelberg Campus Online (heiCO). In future, heiCO will be used to manage all administrative processes of the student career, from application and admission to the degree programme through to graduation. The previous systems (HIS modules, LSF, Sign-up etc.) will be gradually replaced.
heiCO website

The digital university admission administration for German, EU/EEA and international applicants

The electronic admission administration of Heidelberg University supports the student administration throughout the entire process of admission (from application to enrollment) for German, EU/EEA and international applicants. Prospective students can apply and enroll online via the application portal. The applicants' personal data is securely collected and processed in the University's own Computing Centre.

Target group

  • Prospective students
  • Employees (in student administration and departmental selection committees)


Prospective students

  • Apply online and digitally track application status
  • Submit enrollment application online

Student administration employees

  • Manage applicants
  • Inspect applications for formal correctness and evaluate the applicants' merits
  • Create applicant rankings
  • Support throughout the entire admissions process

Employees in departmental selection committees

  • Customize admission criteria  
  • Inspect applicant data for formal correctness and evaluate the applicants' merits
  • View applicant rankings 

Access and Requirements

The portal for online applications is publicly accessible to prospective students.

The Computing Centre, in coordination with study programs and the student administration, provides services for further admission administration according to customized settings of individual institutions.  Only specific employees receive access to review the applicant lists, and access to the documents submitted by the applicants are granted on an individual basis.


Technical information

The electronic admission administration with modules HISZUL-(QISZUL, ZulGX, ZULaGX, BSOS, HIS-ISY), as well as the HISinONE App are software products from HIS e.G. The data from the application portals (QISZUL, Profis, HISinOne APP) are displayed in HIS-ZULGX.  Erasmus Program applicants and  students from partner universities or bilateral agreements apply via Mobility Online.