ForumCommunity Forum Data-Intensive Computing (DIC)

The Community Forum Data-Intensive Computing (DIC) is an exchange and information meeting for current and future users of DIC services of Heidelberg University. This includes, for example, the bwHPC computing resources and the state service SDS@hd - Scientific Data Storage for saving scientific data.

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This forum regularly offers introductions to different DIC services, such as the HPC concept of Baden-Württemberg or the storage service Scientific Data Storage. It also covers the networking and synergetic use of existing DIC services. Furthermore, there are regular reports on new services, features and important developments in the field of DIC services. This forum provides you with the opportunity to ask questions and exchange information with other users.

Interested parties and members of the Community Forum can also sign up to our CF-DIC email list, which is used to distribute news regarding the aforementioned topics as a supplement to the Community Forum.

The Community Forum Data-Intensive Computing is organized by the service area Future IT - Research & Education (FIRE) and is the successor format to bwForTreff, whose archived contents can still be found on the linked website.

For general questions about events or Data-Intensive Computing, please contact us at: cf-dic@urz.uni-heidelberg.de

Our Next Forums

The next meetings will take place on:

Thursday, 25. April 2024, 14:00-15:00
Introduction to DIC services for new users

Thursday, 2. May 2024, 15:00-17:00
News about the DIC services

The link to the virtual room will be send to the users of the DIC services and the CF-DIC mailing list.


The slides from the last meetings can be downloaded here.