Telephone lines, devices, clients

The URZ provides telephone services and hardware for all telecommunication needs at Heidelberg University. University institutions can be supplied with telephones, fax machines, emergency telephones for elevators, or PC clients for computer-aided telephony.

All telephone-related services are billed according to uniform fee plans. Please contact the telephone representative of your institute to learn more about these plans. Fees for calls are charged according to the "Office Telecommunication Regulation" (Dienstanschlussvorschrift, German acronym: DAV) of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Telephone devices and clients at Heidelberg University are provided, set up, installed and relocated if needed by the URZ. All of these services are covered by the monthly fee for your telephone line.

You can find all important information, instruction manuals, device information, current announcements, etc. on the telephone portal (German). For new phones or changes to existing phone lines, please contact your telephone representative.


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