Online survey system LimeSurvey

With the online survey system LimeSurvey, you can create and conduct online surveys. It is also possible to evaluate the results of the survey, as well as export the data into CSV or Excel formats. 

This software solution is offered as a locally hosted platform at Heidelberg University, and it can be used by staff members as well as students for the purposes of administration, study, teaching and research; however, it cannot be used for teaching evaluations nor for private or commercial uses. 

Before you can create your survey, you must complete a registration form (to use LimeSurvey as a survey administrator) and confirm that you acknowledge and agree to the terms of service (German). 

The privacy statement (German) outlines how we will handle your personal information. 

You can find instructions for creating surveys with LimeSurvey here:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can collaborate on a survey without giving another person your username and password or using a shared ID. Just follow these steps: 

  1. Create a survey. 
  2. Send an email to the LimeSurvey admin at URZ to inform them which additional persons (first name, last name and Uni ID) will collaborate on the survey and what permissions they should have. 
  3. The collaborating persons indicate that they will be working on your survey on their LimeSurvey registration application. 

If your survey should be conducted anonymously, i.e. you are not saving any personal information about the survey participants, then use the following settings: 

  1. Anonymized survey: 
       For open surveys: Yes 
       For closed surveys: No 
  2. Save IP address: No 
  3. Save referrer URL: No 

The following must also apply: 

  • For closed surveys, tokens, also called "participants", must be so-called "dummy" tokens, i.e. without a name or email address. In this case, the e-mails must be sent independently from LimeSurvey. 
  • (For open surveys there are no tokens.) 
  • The participants will not be allowed to save in the middle of the survey, as in order to do this and continue the survey at a later time, the IP address of the participant must be saved. 
  • Goggle Analytics and Google Maps are not activated. (Deactivated at the URZ by default.) 

You can find a detailed instruction manual by clicking the following link (German):


You can save the responses to a survey as well as the survey itself outside of LimeSurvey. To do this, first open the survey you want to export from the survey list. 

  • To save the survey: Display/Export > Survey structure (*.lss) 
    You can import the saved survey again at a later time. 
  • To save the responses: Responses > Responses & statistics > Export 
    Several file formats are available when saving. 


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