18 November 2021 - Change in Campus WiFiWiFi identifier UNI-HEIDELBERG is now hidden

It all started with UNI-HEIDELBERG: About twenty years ago, the university's first WiFi hotspots went into operation. Users could log in using the WiFi identifier UNI-HEIDELBERG. This historic identifier has now become obsolete and has been made invisible on 25 November 2021.

For the majority of users, this will not change anything: They can continue to connect to the campus WiFi using the recommended WiFi identifiers (SSIDs) eduroam or UNI-WEBACCESS. More information and instructions for setting up WiFi access on private and work devices can be found in the Service Catalogue.

Person hält Smartphone in den Händen mit WLAN-Icon darüber

Switching to other WiFi identifiers is recommended

Devices that still use the UNI-HEIDELBERG identifier should be able to access it even after it has been made invisible. In the long run, however, the identifier will be deactivated (after an additional announcement by the URZ), which is why we recommend switching to the SSIDs eduroam or UNI-WEBACCESS now.
If you are dependent on the UNI-HEIDELBERG identifier for a special use case and need help switching, please contact the IT Service. You will then receive case-specific advice from our network experts.

The goal: Simplifying the university's WiFi landscape

The WiFi identifier UNI-HEIDELBERG, a remnant from the early days of the university' s wireless network, is hardly used anymore. The identifier often causes frustration among new users, because they understandably assume from its unique name that it is the main access point to the campus WiFi.

Hiding the identifier will simplify the university's WiFi landscape and make it more user-friendly. For nostalgic users, the identifier will stick around for a while, at least in hidden form.


  • The WiFi identifier UNI-HEIDELBERG has been hidden since 25 November 2021.
  • For most users, this will not change anything: The recommended WiFi identifiers eduroam and UNI-WEBACCESS will remain visible and available, of course.
  • We recommend that users of the SSID UNI-HEIDELBERG switch to other SSIDs. The URZ can provide support for complex use cases.
  • The WiFi identifier UNI-HEIDELBERG will be deactivated in the long run.