22 September 2021 – Job Training Begins at the URZNew trainees on their way to becoming IT specialists for system integration

On 01 September, two future IT specialists in the field of system integration started their training at the University Computing Centre (URZ): We are very happy to welcome the new trainees, Ahmad Azizi and David Schöffmann!

The Computing Center's duties and responsibilities are very diverse; therefore the IT specialist training offers the two new trainees a wide range of insights into different areas of university IT. In the first phase, they will become acquainted with all core areas of the institution across several stations - from customer support and on-site service to network and telephony to specialized IT services for research and teaching. Based on this comprehensive overview, they can become increasingly specialized over the course of their training and find their preferred work focus.

They will be supervised by the URZ training manager Dr. Carina Ortseifen and the training managers in the various service areas. “Every year the new trainees are a great addition to our team,” explains Carina Ortseifen. “Their individual personalities, strengths and interests always bring a breath of fresh air to our institution, and they quickly become valued colleagues who actively and enthusiastically support the work of the Computing Centre – learning and improving along the way.”

Die neuen Auszubildenden im Ausbildungsjahr 2021: David Schöffmann und Ahmad Azizi

Apply now for 2022 trainee positions

Every year, the University Computing Centre offers several positions in our training program for IT specialists. The training lasts three years and begins on 01 September of the respective year. If you are interested, you can already apply for the 2022 trainee positions.

The new trainees introduce themselves

Ahmad Azizi

IT has always been something I've been passionate about: I like trying out new software, learning new programming languages or helping others with PC problems and setting up new computers. That' s why I decided to take part in the IT specialist training program at the Computing Centre. Here at the URZ, I am particularly interested in learning about the areas of network technology and IT security. In my free time, I am quite active in sports. I play volleyball at TSG Rohrbach as well as soccer. I am also interested in video games.

Ahmad Azizi

URZ trainee David Schöffmann

I have been interested in IT and related technology from an early age. I decided to do the training program at the URZ primarily because of its wide range of work areas. I am particularly interested in building systems and networks as well as solving problems and troubleshooting for end users. I also like to work with IT in my free time, but to balance it out, I also like to ride my bike, go for walks, sketch on paper, go swimming and play badminton with friends from time to time.

David Schöffmann