01 March 2023 - Collaboration and Digital TeachingNew Licensing Model: Zoom X at Heidelberg University

From 05 March, employees can use the collaboration and conferencing service Zoom X education at a more affordable price. Existing university Zoom accounts will be moved to the central university account. Zoom X is a software solution developed specifically for the German market and is being provided by Telekom Deutschland GmbH in cooperation with Zoom Video Communications Inc. Zoom X offers the same user interface and applications as Zoom but is hosted on servers in Germany.

You can find the exact costs in the linked order form. Employees of Heidelberg University can obtain the following licenses for a fee:

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Zoom X Education Meeting License

  • Video conferences with up to 300 people at one time
  • 500 MB of cloud storage per license

Zoom X Webinar 500 as an add-on to a meeting license

  • Required to have a Zoom X Education Meeting license 
  • Up to 100 interactive video participants
  • Up to 500 guest can attend the webinar (i.e. view only)

Set-up a new Zoom X account

You can order a Zoom X Education license using the linked PDF form. If you would like to acquire Zoom X Education licenses but do not yet have a Zoom account, you can simply indicate this on the order form. Please send the completed form to the following email address: zoom@uni-heidelberg.de. Once the order has been received by the URZ, you will be assigned the appropriate license. Then you will be able to use your Zoom X account.

Transferring existing Zoom accounts: What you need to know

Employees who already have a paid Zoom license and whose account uses their university email address (email address ending with uni-heidelberg.de, i.e. e.g. max. mustermann[at]xyz.uni-heidelberg.de or max.mustermann[at]uni-heidelberg.de), must first cancel their Zoom account in order to be able to order and use Zoom X with their university account.

  1. Canceling your current contract
    To be eligible for migration to the university's central Zoom X account, you, your Zoom administrator or the owner of your institute account must cancel your current contract with Zoom. Further information about this can be found in the Service Catalogue.
    Please note that these accounts must be canceled no later than 05 May 2023. At this time, the central admin account that manages all Zoom X Education licenses will be associated with the uni-heidelberg.de domain. After 05.05.2023, Zoom accounts linked to a university email address will only be able to be used if the account has been migrated to Zoom X.
  2. Ordering and using the Zoom X Education license
    After canceling your account, please place an order for a Zoom X Education license using the PDF form linked above. Please submit the completed form to the URZ. You will then be issued a license and be able to use your Zoom X account. The user interface will remain unchanged.

Migration of existing accounts will start from 05.03.2023 within a few days of receiving the orders. We are working closely with Zoom and Telekom to ensure a smooth transition. However, some periods of downtime, perhaps lasting a few hours, may still occur.