15 January 2024 - Software und applicationsNew License Agreement: ChemOffice+ Available at Heidelberg University

The ChemOffice+ software is now available at Heidelberg University. This product includes ChemDraw Professional and also contains Chem3D Ultra, ChemFinder Ultra and interfaces to third-party quantum chemistry software (MOPAC, Gaussian, Conflex and Autodock) as well as temporary access to Signals Notebook Individual Edition, a cloud-based electronic laboratory notebook solution.

Chemistry education focuses on a colorful model of a molecule made with foam and toothpicks, AI generated

Members of the following institutions can install the new software or update their old ChemDraw Professional license, which expires on 15.01.2024, to the new version:

  • Inorganic Chemistry Institute
  • Organic Chemistry Institute
  • Physical Chemistry Institute
  • Medical Faculty Heidelberg
  • Medical Faculty Mannheim

The product is also available free of charge to all students at Heidelberg University.

Would you like to obtain a license or extend your existing license?

You can find more information about the software and how to obtain a license in our Service Catalogue.