18 April 2024 - Software and SupportLicense Consultation Hours Now Open to Students

The Computing Centre's licensing team has expanded its consultation offerings and now offers digital consultation hours every Wednesday. From the start of the semester, these consultation hours has now been opened to students. 

Expansion of Support Offerings for Students

As planned, the consultation hours have been opened to all students for the summer semester. Now not only employees but also students can easily contact us on a video call and clarify any questions they may have about software and licenses. This new service is perfect for general questions about using our software offerings as well as for specific requests regarding scientific software. You can also use the license consultation hours if you are experiencing issues logging in with your existing licenses. This means that the licensing team can provide individual answers to your questions, address your concerns or provide you with quick and uncomplicated support during the registration process.

Personal consultations on software and licenses

The licensing team is available for personal consultations in the heiCONF room "Lizenzsprechstunde" on

  • Wednesdays from 14:00-16:00.

 Simply click on the link to be directed to the consultation hours.

You will first be put into the waiting room. As soon as an associate is free, you will be admitted to a room and can start your consultation. The consultations take place via the University’s own, data-protection-compliant video conferencing service heiCONF.

This new service offers the possibility to receive more personalized assistance in a digital format. You will of course continue to be able to contact IT Service via the usual channels on the subject of licenses by creating a ticket via the linked contact form or by email at it-service@uni-heidelberg.de

Take advantage of our new service and drop by our license consultation hours - we look forward to hearing from you!