26 May 2023 - Carrier and Training at the URZHeidelberg Vocational Training Award for the Best IT Specialist in the Region

Marco Moock successfully completed his training as an IT specialist in the field of systems integration at the URZ and was awarded for his excellence by the City of Heidelberg. He is one of seven young men and women selected as Heidelberg's best trainees in the class of 2022. As the training institution, the university received yet another “Heldenstern” ("hero star").

Arndt-WiFö-Preisverleihung Azubis 2022-2023 Grenzhof 53

The Heidelberg Vocational Training Award is an annual commendation that recognizes outstanding achievements by talented young people. In November, Marco Moock was honored by the Chamber of Commerce as the best IT specialist in the Rhine-Neckar Chamber of Industry and Commerce examination. Now the URZ is proud to congratulate this young team member on receiving another award and prize money in the form of a voucher for 250 euros.

We offer our congratulations on this great achievement. Training junior staff is crucial in strategically counteracting the shortage of skilled workers as qualified and energetic employees are the foundation of a reliable and innovative IT landscape. We would therefore also like to thank our trainers, who provide young talent with an exciting work environment.

Prof. Dr. Vincent Heuveline, Executive Director of the URZ

At the end of March, the award winners along with their families and trainers were invited to the celebratory awards ceremony at Hotel Grenzhof. Marc Massoth, head of the Office of Economic Development and Scientific Affairs, congratulated the talented young professionals and thanked the companies and institutions that trained them. Marco Moock is now the third URZ employee to receive this vocational training award. Consequently, the URZ also received its second “Heldenstern” as a token of gratitude and recognition for its trainers.

Since completing his training, Marco Moock has been a permanent member of the URZ team, and we are excited to see how the Linux enthusiast's career path at URZ will unfold after having had the opportunity to explore diverse subjects and technologies. He is currently working in the email department and manages the Computing Centre's email and listserv servers, in addition to other responsibilities.

Mehrere Versionen des Heidelberger Ausbildungspreises - ein Stern - stehen nebeneinander.

At the URZ, I was given the opportunity to become familiar with many IT fields, to contribute to shaping the content of my training according to my interests, and to expand my IT expertise in a very wide range of subjects.

Marco Moock, staff member in Core Technologies and Collaboration Services

Award ceremony Vocational Training Award 2023 Grenzhof

I congratulate Marco Moock, who was able to achieve his outstanding degree in two years instead of three. We are looking forward to welcoming more highly motivated trainees. As IT specialists, graduates have excellent prospects and can have job security immediately after completing their training: They can look forward to an attractive start to their careers with excellent opportunities for further training with us at the Computing Centre.

Dr. Carina Ortseifen, Director of Training at the URZ