13 February 2023 - TelefonyFlexible Use of Your Work Number

The OpenScape Unified Communication UC web client enables you to be reached under your work phone number while teleworking as well as configure various telephone functions to suit your individual needs.

To ensure that all employees working from home can receive and make calls via their work phone number, the URZ is offering the OpenScape Unified Communication (UC) service to all employees. This means you can configure the functions of your work phone via a web interface in any browser and use them when you are on the road or working from home.

User interface of the Openscape UC program

This is how it works:

The key advantage of the OpenScape Unified Communication solution is its “One Number Service” (ONS): this makes all registered telephone numbers usable under your work telephone number. This allows you to make incoming and outgoing calls on work or personal mobile devices or landlines without incurring charges for using personal phone devices.
The person on the other line will only be shown your university telephone number - no matter which device you use to accept or make the call. You can control your accessibility according to your individual work schedule. Outside the university, you will need to connect to the university network via the VPN client in order to be able to use OpenScape UC.

Find out more and apply for access now

In principle, all employees can use OpenScape UC. If you are interested, please contact your telephone representative to apply for the license. The URZ will take care of the setup and support after receiving your request and will contact you directly.

Additional functions

UC also provides the advanced features of traditional telephony, such as:

  • The ability to control all phone functions through a web interface or smartphone app
  • Call lists and contact that are clearly displayed and easy to manage
  • Availability settings and the display of your availability status
  • Call forwarding
  • Telephony on your web browser: You can use the audio function of your PC or laptop to make phone calls with a headset, for example.
  • A search function based on a central directory and your personal contact list
  • Telephone conferences

These features may not be available on a few telephone systems that have yet to be upgraded. However, all systems will receive a upgrade in the course of the year, so that in the future, widespread use of the functions described above will be provided at the university.

Should you have further questions or require help with setup, our IT Service will be happy to assist you.