20 August 2020 - Collaboration and Digital Teaching Digital conferencing via telephone: New in heiCONF and heiCONF-Audimax

Following the most recent update, it is now possible to access heiCONF and heiCONF-Audimax conferences via telephone dial-in. Also, dial-in information is easier to retrieve and distribute and there were a couple of bug fixes. Dialling in to a heiCONF or heiCONF-Audimax conference by telephone is especially useful if you have problems with your internet connection or you want to join a meeting or event on the go.

Frau am Telefon mit Laptop und Notizbuch vor sich

Activating telephone dial-in and inviting participants - here's how it works:

To make telephone dial-in available to all participants, the room owner must explicitly activate it in the rooms settings prior to starting the room. Participants can then dial in to the conference using a central telephone number and a 12-digit PIN previously communicated to them by the room owner. Alternatively, the users can access the information after joining the phone-enabled conference via a link in the dialog field: "How would you like to join the audio?".

Important: The telephone conference only works once the event has been started by the moderator and at least one person has joined the room in their browser with a microphone.

In the room overview, room owners can generate text templates containing all necessary dial-in information for the room (links, telephone numbers and access PINs). These templates can then be used in the invitation emails.

Step-by-step information, including images, for using the dial-in option and generating the text templates is available in the Instructions for heiCONF/heiCONF-Audimax.

Bug fixes: PDF problem solved

Several bugs have been fixed in the new update. For example, many users experienced issues with uploaded PDF files (blank pages following the upload). This and other problems have been fixed. Should you still experience any issues with a PDF file, please make sure the file is saved under the PDF/A 1/b standard.

Our team is continually working on improving heiCONF(-Audimax) for you, so feel free to report errors and problems to the IT-Service.