Cisco Webex

The collaboration platform Webex is cloud-hosted and can therefore be used world-wide.

To use this service an activation code is required, which you can apply for here.

After everything is set up you will receive a welcome email. You can begin after your password has been confirmed and assigned.

The homepage of the Webex collaboration service is:


The following three products are included:

Webex Meetings

With Webex Meetings you can host video conferences and online meetings, to which you can invite colleagues, students, and firms. You can share screens, work simultaneously on documents, and transmit information quickly via video and audio.

Documentation and instructions are available here:

Webex Training

With Webex Training, you can organise online courses and stay in contact with the participants both during and after lessons. You can share presentations, stream webinars, and encourage participation using tools like whiteboard and chat.

Documentation and instructions are available here:

Webex Event

With Webex Events, you can host online events and webinars with many attendees and stream these to even larger audiences.

Documentation and instructions are available here:




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