Career and TrainingCareer-oriented internships at the URZ

If “working with computers” is on your list of career choices, you can find out exactly what such a job entails at the University Computing Centre. Complete your career-oriented internship for the Gymnasium (BOGY) or your career-oriented internship for the Realschule (BORS) at the Computing Centre.

Interns at the URZ will get to know the Computing Centre over the course of a one-week internship. In most cases, we start with the IT Service Point. That is the first point of contact for our users who experience problems, such as a forgotten password or questions about the services provided by the Computing Centre. Next comes a visit to our print center, where posters up to DIN A0 and 3D models can be created.

The interns will also accompany a staff member to an institute on campus to install switches or troubleshoot network issues. The URZ trainees will present the contents of their training as IT specialists and create Scratch and Java programs and WWW pages with the interns, depending on their previous knowledge. Depending on time, interest, and availability, interns may participate in URZ research topic presentations, visit the machine room and robotics facility as well as attend a training meeting.

In a brief interview before the internship, it is also possible to make requests regarding subjects to be covered, which we will try to accommodate wherever possible. If you are interested in doing an internship at the URZ, or have any questions, send an email to: praktikum@urz.uni-heidelberg.de

For other types of internships, e.g. long term or voluntary internships, inquiries can be made to the same email address.