How-toSetting up an instmail account in Windows Mail

The following is a short set of instructions on how to set up a Heidelberg University instmail account in Windows Mail. An email address with the institute abbreviation “alumni” is used as an example.

1. a) Please start "Windows Mail". The welcome dialog box will open and offer the option of setting up an email account.

b) You have already set up an email account? Then, in the panel to the left, please click on: “Accounts” | “Add account” | “Advanced Setup”

Screenshot: AnleitungInstmailWindowsMail_Schritt1

2. Select "Advanced Setup".

Screenshot: AnleitungInstmailWindowsMail_Schritt2

3. Select "Internet E-mail".

Screenshot: AnleitungInstmailWindowsMail_Schritt3

4. Enter the following information.

Important: Here and in the following instructions, please always replace the placeholder institute-abbreviation with the correct institute from your email address.

Example: For the email address max.mustermann[@]alumni.uni-heidelberg.de, alumni is the correct institute abbreviation.

  • Email address first-name.last-name[@]institute-abbreviation.uni-heidelberg.de
  • Username: first-name.last-name[@]institute-abbreviation.uni-heidelberg.de
  • Password: The matching password
  • Account name: Instmail
  • Your Name: First name last name
  • Incoming email server: mail.institute-abbreviation.uni-heidelberg.de
  • Account type: IMAP4
  • Outgoing mail server: mail.urz.uni-heidelberg.de

All boxes must be checked. Finally, click on "Sign in".

Screenshot: AnleitungInstmailWindowsMail_Schritt4

5. Select "Finish". Your account is now connected.

Screenshot: AnleitungInstmailWindowsMail_Schritt5

By default only the newest emails are synchronised. To see all past emails, please do the following:

1. To synchronise all your emails, please right click on your account and select "Account settings".

Screenshot: AnleitungInstmailWindowsMail_Schritt2.1.

2. Click on "Change mailbox sync settings".

Screenshot: AnleitungInstmailWindowsMail_Schritt2.2.

3. Under "Sync options", select based on my usage.

The box next to “Always download full message and Internet images” should be checked.

Under "Download email from", choose any time.

The email sync options should be activated.

Screenshot: AnleitungInstmailWindowsMail_Schritt2.3.